A Plea to Academics

Biblical and archaeological scholarship isn’t aided, furthered, or legitimized by exaggerated speculative claims without actual, real, substantive evidence.   Can we all just stop doing hyperbole in our academic work, please.  Speculation may sell rag mags but it doesn’t help the cause.

Thank you.

2 thoughts on “A Plea to Academics

  1. Gabriel Moskovitz

    …Thou doth protest too much… The bullae seal is a long way from being authenticated as that of Yeshayahu Hanavi however, it is a tantalizing possibility. We may never be able to say more about this particular bullae until, or unless, we find another identical one with the missing (or not) aleph.
    I would suggest, a bit tongue in cheek, because I am sure Dr Mazar knows this, that she dig harder in the Ophel find area. If this was indeed an archival storage site, other, likely identical bullae could be found.



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