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Not Everyone Who Runs a Podcast is a Theologian

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Smorgasbord Christians

‪Smorgasbord Christians- they flit from church to church for this activity or that speaker or this singer: always seeking a new experience but never being anything more than consumers of Christianity and certainly never becoming disciples of the crucified Lord.‬

No It Isn’t Fair, and It Shouldn’t Even Be Permissible

Fun Facts From Church History

On 25 February, 1559 Calvin wrote a little letter in which he

… again spoke of the anxiety and distress which he suffered. The ministers were quarrelling with each other. He exhorted them not to read either the German Theology (La Théologie Germanique), or a little work, entitled ‘Der Neue Mensch”.*

Calvin was a person subject to depression, as had been Zwingli and as had been Luther (to a lesser extent). Depression is the affliction of genius. The price paid for extraordinary intellect.  The depression experienced by the Reformers is just more evidence, in case we needed it, of their utter frail humanity.
*P. Henry, The Life and Times of John Calvin, the Great Reformer (Vol. 2).

The Denigration of Scholarship is the Crippling of Faith

You Must Read Mona Charen’s Essay on CPAC

I’ve been a conservative my entire life. I fell hard for William F. Buckley as a teenager and my first job was as editorial assistant at Buckley’s National Review, followed by stints writing speeches for first lady Nancy Reagan and then working for the Gipper himself. Looking toward the 1988 race, Vice President George H.W. Bush wasn’t conservative enough for me. I went to work as a speechwriter for Representative Jack Kemp in 1986.

So you’d think that the Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC, would be a natural fit. It once was. But on Saturday, after speaking to this year’s gathering, I had to be escorted from the premises by several guards who seemed genuinely concerned for my safety.

What happened to me at CPAC is the perfect illustration of the collective experience of a whole swath of conservatives since Donald Trump became the Republican nominee. We built and organized this party — but now we’re made to feel like interlopers.

I was surprised that I was even asked to speak at CPAC. My views on Trump, Roy Moore and Steve Bannon are no secret. I knew the crowd would be hostile, and so I was tempted to pass.

But too many of us have given up the fight. We’ve let disgust and dismay lead us to withdraw while bad actors take control of the direction of our movement. I know how encouraged I feel whenever someone simply states the truth, and so I decided to accept CPAC’s invitation.

Read it all.

John Calvin on John 3:16a

Calvin writes

… our minds cannot find calm repose, until we arrive at the unmerited love of God. As the whole matter of our salvation must not be sought any where else than in Christ, so we must see whence Christ came to us, and why he was offered to be our Saviour. Both points are distinctly stated to us: namely, that faith in Christ brings life to all, and that Christ brought life, because the Heavenly Father loves the human race, and wishes that they should not perish. And this order ought to be carefully observed; for such is the wicked ambition which belongs to our nature, that when the question relates to the origin of our salvation, we quickly form diabolical imaginations about our own merits. Accordingly, we imagine that God is reconciled to us, because he has reckoned us worthy that he should look upon us. But Scripture everywhere extols his pure and unmingled mercy, which sets aside all merits.