BAR Wars….  The Empress Strikes Back

Sorry for the catchy post title.  Anyway, in case you haven’t been following along-

  • BAR published a bit of nonsense about a seal, claiming it proved Isaiah the Prophet was a real guy, etc.
  • Many raised questions about the claim, including Rollston, Galbraith, and Baden.
  • Meanwhile, Cargill – the chief editor of BAR since Shanks retired – went to the Museum of the Bible to fluff the public reception of the seal.
  • Baden and Moss are not friends of MoB and expressed concerns about it.
  • Cargill accused Baden, and by association Moss, of selling out (a curious accusation given Cargill’s present post at BAR).

Moss responds –

It may be worth pointing out that Moss and Cargill have long been friends and indeed Moss is very close, or has been, to Cargill’s family.

I suspect this isn’t over.