Christians, If You Don’t Like School Shootings, You Can Do Something, Today, to Stop Them

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5 thoughts on “Christians, If You Don’t Like School Shootings, You Can Do Something, Today, to Stop Them

    • 2 points:

      1. The Democratic Party – who for various periods in the past century over multiple presidents (Wilson, Roosevelt, Truman, JFK, LBJ, Carter, Clinton, and Obama) had simultaneous control over the Senate, House and Presidency – did not do what everybody who is a Democratic voter is now demanding the Republicans do. Perhaps donations to the Democratic candidates is a waste of money?

      2. Protesting for more gun control legislation and seeking legislators who will pass gun control legislation is nothing more than a feel good activity. Legislation and legislators (Democratic or Republican) are largely irrelevant to the issue of shootings in schools. Undesirable changes in society across red, purple and blue states has produced more people who are angry, willing to kill, willing to be killed, and seeking their 15 minutes of infamy, and those people are sufficiently driven to find away around whatever legislation is put in their way.


        • In Australia we had very few mass shootings both before and after the Port Arthur mass shooting in 1996, where the shooter is reported to have said “I’ll do something that will make everyone remember me”, and we have never had a mass shooting in a school, so the change in gun control legislation in the 1990s has been largely irrelevant in the numbers of mass shootings here. And there are still lots of guns in Australia.

          What is different between Australia and the USA is not the level of gun ownership, or the types of guns available, it is the people and their mindset. In Australia we have been fortunate, so far, to have had so few people after their 15 minutes of infamy or their “Valhalla” death where they take out as many people as they can as they commit suicide before a mass audience.

          How do any legislators, Democrat or Republican, Australian or American, legislate to change people and their mindset?


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