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Why “Isaiah” of the Isaiah Bulla is not the Prophet Isaiah


Remnant of Giants

In an article published this month in Biblical Archaeology Review, Eilat Mazar claims that she may have discovered “a seal impression of Isaiah the prophet, adviser to King Hezekiah”. The discovery was made from wet-sifted material originally uncovered from outside the building at Ophel, Jerusalem in 2009, within an archaeological layer dated ca. 700 BCE. The excavations have been taking place behind the 1949 Green Line, so are illegal in terms of international law.

Isaiah bulla from Ophel, Jerusalem, with hypothetical identification of other letters by Eilat Mazar

In her BAR article, Eilat Mazar expresses some caution in identifying the “Isaiah” of the seal impression (‘bulla’) with Isaiah the Prophet. The top line of writing clearly reads “leyesha‘yah[u]” (Hebrew: לישעיה[ו]; [belonging] “to Isaiah”). But there is more debate about the bottom line, on which the letters n-b-y are fairly clear. This would usually be the place for…

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Ultimately, the conclusion that is there are a number of different possibilities for the second word of this inscription. I have listed some of them here, and there at least five to seven additional ones that could be listed. The “take away” is this. I would like to be able to say that this bulla is that of the prophet Isaiah, but that’s not at all the sole possibility. And it’s important to be forthright about stating this. Alas, we must always attempt to reflect deeply and broadly on restorations and readings. And in the case of this bulla, I think that there are a number of additional options and there is no empirical method of making a decisive determination.

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If You’re in France, Watch This

And record it. And send a zipped file of it to me so I can watch it….

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Christians, If You Don’t Like School Shootings, You Can Do Something, Today, to Stop Them

Share the Gospel with your kids and their friends so that God can change their lives and replace their hate with his love.

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beza“It belongs to the church of God to receive blows rather than to inflict them — but, she is an anvil that has worn out many hammers.” – Theodore Beza