Luther: There Will Never Be Peace With The Papacy

I cannot imagine how there can be peace between us and the Papists, for neither part will yield to the other, and there is an everlasting war between the woman’s seed and the old serpent; they never are weary of wars. Temporal Kings and Potentates (when they are weary of warring) do agree upon cessation of arms; but in this case, there can be no such conditions and means hoped for; for we neither can nor will depart from the confession of true Christian religion and God’s Word, neither on the other side will they desist from their idolatry and blaspheming; the devil will not suffer his feet to be chopped off, neither will Christ have hindered the preaching of his Word; therefore I cannot see how any peace or truce may be between Christ and Belial. — Martin Luther

Maybe Pope Franky should read a bit of Luther before he ‘celebrates’ the Reformation.