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Send a Card or Letter to #Parkland

Stoneman Douglas High School 5901 Pine Island Road Parkland, Florida 33076

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A Curious Fact about the Civil War

We have a tendency to think that America has always been relatively Christian since its very founding and that only in recent decades has the church been troubled by widespread unfaithfulness and lessened participation, but that simply isn’t true.  And … Continue reading

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When Having Your Child Baptized Lands You In Jail…

And it’s not in some backward third world country, it’s here. A North Carolina mother is behind bars after she baptized her daughter without the permission of the girl’s father. Kendra Stocks has been ordered to spend seven days in … Continue reading

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Is Mary Beard a Racist?

Evidently she said some very racist things about Haiti yesterday and it has created a good deal of backlash.  Most notably, here. I’m afraid that your good intentions notwithstanding, it is precisely this genteel patrician racist manner and this context … Continue reading

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Von Harnack’s Concluding Remarks About Luther

Any one who lets Luther be Luther, and regards his main positions as the valuable possession of the evangelical church—who does not merely tolerate them, that is to say, under stress of circumstances (per angustias temporum)—has the lofty title and … Continue reading

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Luther: On Death

“It’s remarkable that men should be so arrogant and secure when there are so many, indeed countless, evidences around us to suggest that we ought to be humble. The hour of our death is uncertain. The grain on which we … Continue reading

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A Luther Gallery on the Anniversary of His Death

This gallery contains 15 photos.


Adolf von Harnack on Luther’s Roman Catholicism

Luther believed he was contending only against the abuses and errors of the Mediæval Church. He declared, no doubt, not infrequently that he was not satisfied with the “dear Fathers,” and that they had all gone astray; yet he was … Continue reading

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Luther’s Death

February 18, 1546: Martin Luther dies in Eisleben of an apparent heart attack in the early hours of the morning. Martin’s health had been a concern of his for years. Long periods of depravation in the monastery had contributed to … Continue reading

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