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Here’s Your Proof that ‘Science’ is a Religion

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I Admire NT Wright…

For no one has ever said so little and used so many words to do it.

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Some Things People Say Just Aren’t True

False: children are the future of the church. True: Jesus is the Lord of the church, and its future is in his hands.

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Dead Sea Scrolls Essays- Freely Available

From the twitter- @mike_devries – In celebration of the 25th volume of DSD, @Brill_Religious is making 25 articles available for free. The following are available until 4/15. goo.gl/7u6MWE, goo.gl/f1cJhV, goo.gl/RfPfzL, goo.gl/wsGnKC, goo.gl/nucN1B #deadseascrolls

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Black Panther is the Best Marvel Movie Yet

The action was superb, the acting was superior, the storyline was fantastic and the filming/ locations/ special effects were top notch. It is VERY easy to see why it has been so widely praised.  If you see it, you’ll enjoy … Continue reading

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#ICYMI – Signs of the Times

Via Phil Snider on Facebook-

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