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Signs of the Times

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Micah and the President’s ‘Evangelical’ Advisors

Yahweh says this against the prophets who lead my people astray: So long as they have something to eat they cry ‘Peace’. But on anyone who puts nothing into their mouths they declare war.  And so, for you, night will be without vision and for you the darkness without divination. The sun will set for the prophets, the daylight will go black above them. Then the seers will be covered with shame, the diviners with confusion; they will all put their hands over their mouths because there is no answer from God.  (Mic. 3:5-7)

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Signs of the Times

Hats off to you, Fern.  Every American should do this and send it to their own useless elected officials.

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Barabbas or Jesus Barabbas?

The Tyndale-ers have an interesting text critical post over at their place you’ll want to read.

This is the first of a series of blog post on some of the textual variants found in the Passion narratives. We will discuss the rationale behind the text adopted in the Greek New Testament as Produced at Tyndale House in (1) Mt 26:16,17, (2) Mt 27:49, (3) Mk 14:30, 49, 72a, 72b, (4) Lk 22:31, (5) Lk 22:43-44, (6) Lk 23:34.


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Tide Pods…

Teens have been eating tide pods for like a month and legislators in multiple states have already introduced bills designed to make it harder for teens to get tide pods. – Ashley Nicolle Black

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