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Quote of the Day

Prosperity knits a man to the world. He feels that he is finding his place in it, while really it is finding its place in him.  – Screwtape

‘Mary’ Appears to the Faithful on the Cusp of Lent….

A woman who led police on a chase told arresting officers that she was Mother Mary en route to pick up Baby Jesus and had permission from God to speed.

WDRB-TV cites an arrest report saying a Kentucky trooper attempted to pull over 52-year-old Connie Allen, of Goodlettsville, Tennessee, on Saturday, but she ignored him. A high-speed chase ensued.

Another trooper was eventually able to pull in front of Allen, forcing her to stop. He approached her car with his weapon drawn, but she refused to get out and show her hands. The report says she became compliant when he hit her window with a police baton.

She also told police she had died five years ago.

She is charged with several offenses. It’s unclear whether she has a lawyer.

Not exactly how I imagined she’d look, or act…

Why Is the SBC Less Concerned about Immigration Policy than The Vatican?

Most immigrants come from Catholic countries.   If most were Baptist instead of Catholic the SBC would be more outspoken in their defense.

If You Didn’t Hear Kate Bowler’s Interview Yesterday on Fresh Air

Listen to it today.

Signs of the Lenten Times

Signs of the Times

50 Shades of Grey (Hair): Karl Barth’s Book Translated into English

Barth’s well received volume about how to pick up one’s secretary (and others) – praised widely by Bill Cosby and dozens of other famous people – has finally been translated into English:


An Amazing Discovery: A Handwritten Note By Karl Barth