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I Guess Stackhouse Doesn’t like the Term ‘Christian’

The Duty of the Theologian

The duty of a Theologian is not to tickle the ear, but confirm the conscience, by teaching what is true, certain, and useful.  — John Calvin.

As the kids would say- ‘word’.

Academia Needs More Professors Endowed With the Spirit of Melanchthon

mel30Towards the end of his life, on the 29th of October, 1556 Philip wrote to John Gigas

Truly I can affirm in my conscience that, since God has called me to this labor of teaching, I have taken great care to search for simple explanations and to avoid those labyrinths in which others show off their talent.

May his tribe increase.

Jerome: On Golddiggers

jerome9Confess the shameful truth. No woman marries to avoid cohabiting with a husband. At least, if passion is not your motive, it is mere madness to play the harlot just to increase wealth. — St. Jerome

Today With Zwingli

zwingliIn the wake of the Second Zurich Disputation, which the Council of Zurich declared Zwingli the victor of…

Zwingli’s strong point was in asking for Scripture proof that he was wrong; yet Fabri offered to refute him orally or in writing and on biblical grounds. Zwingli expressed great eagerness to have him do it.

The deliverance was a great victory for Zwingli, and he gave public thanks to God for it.

Fabri then announced that he had just got a copy of Zwingli’s printed Articles, and that he particularly objected to Zwingli’s denial of the propriety of Church ceremonies, i. e., the things and the doings which exalt the Church worship, and that he would prove their propriety. “Good,” said Zwingli, “we shall be glad to hear you.” Fabri had made a rather poor show in the morning, but now he was primed, and the debate with Zwingli was much livelier and better in hand. He made a home thrust when he slyly asked Zwingli if the Council were not the judge between them. Zwingli, however, was not to be caught making any such concession, although that was the position the Council itself had taken. So at the risk of giving offence, he boldly maintained that Holy Scripture was the judge. Fabri’s thrust did not penetrate his armour.

At length the long debate was over, and as the crowd separated the burgomaster was heard to say: “That sword which pierced the pastor of Fislisbach, now a prisoner at Constance, has got stuck in its scabbard”; while the abbot of Cappel remarked: “Where were those who wanted to burn us, and had the wood piled at the stake? Why did they not show themselves?”


On February 4, 1523, Glareanus wrote to Zwingli congratulating him upon the success of the disputation and giving him the sequel of the railing of Doctor Gebweiler; how it had brought him into investigation by the acting bishop and into disfavour with the City Council, which, however, had previously acted against him. He repeats the commonplace slander of Zwingli’s relations with an honest wife.*

Which simply shows, again, that the foundation of Christian theology is not tradition, but Scripture.  Or nothing.

*Samuel Macauley Jackson, Huldreich Zwingli: The Reformer of German Switzerland (1484–1531) (Heroes of the Reformation; New York; London: G. P. Putnam’s Sons; Knickerbocker Press, 1901), 191–194.

Quote of the Day

“Perish Montanus and his mad women!” – St Jerome