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Okie Dokie Then….

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This is why ‘Evangelical’ Is a Meaningless Word: ‘Evangelical’ Women say that Trump’s Affair with Porno-Woman is OK because Trump is ‘Ordained’ by God…

CNN reporter, Randi Kaye, chats with a sextet of female Trump supporters from Dallas, TX who are holding strong in their support of the current administration. The women start the interview with a prayer for the president, in the corner of the room sits what appears to be a large charcoal sketch of Donald Trump’s face. The group members, all sporting hair in various shades of blonde, claim to have voted for him because of his “conservative beliefs.”

The leader of this bevy of simpering belles starts the interview with a declaration, “I know that god is the one who ordained him to be in this position.”

She goes on to praise Trump for his SCOTUS picks and for being pro-life, and she also brags about how he “stands up” for freedom of religion and freedom of churches. One can only assume she means freedom of the Christian religion because she is speaking of the same POTUS that is responsible for the Muslim ban.

When Kaye asks them if they care about Trump’s alleged affair with Stormy Daniels, the woman shout a resounding “No,” claiming that his base doesn’t care about whether or not he cheated on his pregnant wife with a pornstar. Their only concerns include jobs, the economy, and…safety? The head blonde says they “look to their faith” to guide them in such matters.

All six vacuous ladies agree with the Evangelical leader, Tony Perkins, that as long as Trump is pushing the conservative agenda he deserves “a pass.” The previously silent Peaches McGuire Coates, chimed in at this point saying, “Christianity is about mercy and grace. Pastors use the word ‘mulligan’ but what they mean is grace.”

Peaches gets nods of agreement all around. Not to be upstaged, the group leader puts on her wisest face to impart, “We all have gotten a mulligan because of Christ Jesus.” The flaxen circle are all in agreement that his actions in 2006 don’t really matter as Trump is a changed man. Peaches praises him for his transformation from “brash New York person to the president we are proud of today.”

These people aren’t Christians.  And ‘Evangelical’ means nothing.  If you call yourself an ‘Evangelical’, I dismiss your claims to Christian faith.

The Best Post You’ll Read This Week Is By My Friend Helen Ingram

So read it.  Every word of it.

Quote of the Day

It is not good to show partiality for the wicked and so to deprive the upright when giving judgement. The lips of a fool go to the law-courts with a mouth that pleads for a beating. The mouth of the fool works its owner’s ruin, the lips of a fool are a snare for their owner’s life. (Prov. 18:5-7)

Reformation on the Record: Henry VIII’s Break With Rome

Give this fine lecture a listen.

Reformation on the Record was a two-day conference which brought together research using original records of Church and State from our collection to explore this period of religious, social and economic turmoil.

In this talk, historian, broadcaster and award-winning academic Dr Suzannah Lipscomb explores one of the fundamental turning points of the 16th century Reformation: Henry VIII’s separation from the Roman Catholic Church.

Satan Has a Face

A former Dallas accountant condemned for fatally shooting his two young daughters while their mother listened helplessly on the phone was put to death Thursday night in Texas. John David Battaglia received lethal injection for the May 2001 killings of his 9-year-old daughter, Faith, and her 6-year-old sister, Liberty.

Battaglia and his wife had separated and the girls were killed at his Dallas apartment during a scheduled visit.

Battaglia’s execution was the nation’s third this year, all in Texas. The punishment was carried out after the U.S. Supreme Court rejected appeals from his lawyers to review his case, contending the 62-year-old was delusional and mentally incompetent for execution.

Battaglia smiled as the mother of his slain children, Mary Jean Pearle, and other witnesses to his lethal injection walked into the death chamber viewing area.

Asked by the warden if he had a final statement, the inmate replied: “No,” then changed his mind.

“Well, hi, Mary Jean,” he said, looking and smiling at his ex-wife. “I’ll see y’all later. Bye.”

After that, he told the warden: “Go ahead, please.”

The world is a better place without this demonic monster in it.

This Isn’t Christian Baptism

It’s despicable pseudo-Christianity and nothing but a farcical act and if you attend a ‘church’ where something like this goes on, get out. You’re a member of a cult.

For Tom Brady, Football is His Religion

Just in case you needed another reason to disdain the man

Tom Brady has a plan for your life.

Good health.


Peak performance.

And plenty of avocado ice cream.

It’s all part of “The TB12 Method,” Brady’s best-selling “athlete’s bible” and lifestyle brand, which he credits with helping him stay at the top of his game at age 40.

I can’t even with these people and their exalted sense of their own importance.  Be sure to read the whole thing- but here’s the best bit-

Bob Ryan, a longtime-but-now-retired columnist for the Boston Globe, is more skeptical.

He’s fine with the on-field success. And promoting good nutrition and fitness is fine, as is having spiritual beliefs. But spare him the idea of Brady as a spiritual figure.

“He’s trying to sell us a bill of goods,” Ryan said. “It’s cultlike. The book, to me, is creepy. And it looks like that’s going to be his life after football.”

Luther and Zwingli on the Supper, Again

Larry Hurtado on the ‘Son of Man’ Debate

Followup on the Alister McGrath Lecture- ‘If Humans Are So Great, Why is the World Such a Mess?’

This from an email from Gresham College-

The lecture will be recorded to be made available on our website https://www.gresham.ac.uk/lectures-and-events/if-humans-are-so-great-why-is-the-world-such-a-mess  as well as on our YouTube channel.   It will also be live-streamed and a link will be available on our homepage https://www.gresham.ac.uk/ on the day.
Great news!

Signs of the Times

Emil Brunner’s Final Letter to Karl Barth

It’s quite brief but also quite necessary…