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They’re Going to Revise the NRSV…

Will it be called the NNRSV or the NRRSV?

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The Interesting Thing About Lecturing in Hong Kong…

Is the studiousness and seriousness of the students. In contrast to so many in the West, who simply want to ‘finish’ their studies, students in the East want to learn. In that respect they have a thing or two to … Continue reading

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2018 Hawarden OT in the NT Conference Schedule

ANNUAL SEMINAR ON OT IN NT HAWARDEN 2018 Draft Programme Thursday 22nd March 6.45 Dinner Session 1 Chair: Susan Docherty 8.00 – 8.15 Welcome and Introductions 8.15 – 9.15 Rikk Watts The Stronger One and the Dove: Revisiting Two Discarded … Continue reading

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The Job Group

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J-Term Concludes

And the journey home begins. It was a wonderful two weeks but I’m very keen to get back home. I’m on the way to the airport, so more from there.

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Narcissism Passing itself off as Ministry: Brian Tamaki

This clown calls himself ‘Bishop Brian’- ‘Bishop’ Brian is an uneducated self appointed buffoon who has figured out that pentebabbleists will follow anyone who claims to speak for God as long as that someone has fleeced the foolish and amassed … Continue reading

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The Basis and Foundation of Fellowship

Where love is absent, fellowship is impossible.

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More From Lunch

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Around this Morning, and Lunch With Some of The Ming Hua Folk

The morning session on Paul was very fun and lunch with the gang was also a blast.  Tonight we finish up with Job.

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