The Greek Session Went Very Well…

And ended on a high note- with many questions and much appreciation for the Greek New Testament by all who participated.  Which means it went exactly as planned.

Tomorrow we finish up Paul and Job.  And then I pack up to head home Friday.  It’s been a great two weeks and the students have been superb.

I was interviewed this afternoon, so if that’s posted with an outside link I’ll be sure to pass it along.  I’m sure you’ll be enthralled….

Here are some photos from this early eve.  I found a lovely little spot for dinner.  The chicken and rice was just brilliant.  The best places to eat are the tiny mom and pop restaurants.  Real.  Chinese.  Food.

1 thought on “The Greek Session Went Very Well…

  1. Jen

    Thank you for your fascinating narrative and and the exceptional/insightful exegesis of the bible message. I am grateful to your teaching and moreover, what a blessing to be one of the participants in your Greek and Paul class.

    Again, thank you for coming to Hong Kong and hope that you will come again in the near future.


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