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Summa Summarum

If you don’t love your brother, nothing else you do or say matters. 1 Cor 13 in a nutshell.

Another Bit No One Heeds

Do not harness yourselves in an uneven team with unbelievers; how can uprightness and law-breaking be partners, or what can light and darkness have in common?  How can Christ come to an agreement with Beliar and what sharing can there be between a believer and an unbeliever?  The temple of God cannot compromise with false gods, and that is what we are — the temple of the living God. We have God’s word for it: I shall fix my home among them and live among them; I will be their God and they will be my people.  Get away from them, purify yourselves, says the Lord. Do not touch anything unclean, and then I shall welcome you.  (2 Cor. 6:14-17)

And There You Have It

Proclaim this among the nations. Prepare for war! Rouse the champions! All you troops, advance, march!  Hammer your ploughshares into swords, your bill-hooks into spears; let the weakling say, ‘I am tough!’  Hurry and come, all the nations around, and assemble there! (Yahweh, send down your champions!)  ‘Let the nations rouse themselves and march to the Valley of Jehoshaphat, for there I shall sit in judgement on all the nations around.  Ply the sickle, for the harvest is ripe; come and tread, for the winepress is full; the vats are overflowing, so great is their wickedness!’  Multitude on multitude in the Valley of Decision! For the Day of Yahweh is near in the Valley of the Verdict!   (Joel 4:9-14)

Off the Island

It’s Always a Good Time For Imprecations

Upon receiving the necessary forms from his employer and beginning to file to pay his federal taxes, local man Kyle Jacobs scrawled an imprecatory psalm across the Internal Revenue Service’s form 1040, sources close to the man confirmed Tuesday.

As he saw how much of his money was forcibly taken from him and redistributed to whatever causes the state saw fit, Jacobs was moved to the point of anguish and called upon the Lord to smite his oppressors, according to those close to the situation. Recalling the words of one of the Psalmist’s imprecatory psalms, Jacobs began to scrawl a curse of judgment on the form, calling for God to send the IRS down to the very pit of Sheol.

“When I filed to hand over a large percentage of my income to the government, I suddenly realized how David felt while writing Psalm 55,” Jacobs said. “He was betrayed, stabbed in the back by a close friend, and I was forced to give the first three months of my labor to the state under threat of imprisonment or death.”

“It’s practically the same thing,” he added.

At publishing time, Jacobs had filed for his California state income taxes as well, and began to rend his garments and repent in dust and ashes upon seeing the damages.

And who hasn’t done that?  Who among us?


Sheol opens wide its throat and gapes with measureless jaw (Isa. 5:14)

Just Another Day in America: 2 Killed, 17 Injured at a Kentucky School by a Gunman

But hey, guns, right.

Another high school has turned into a scene of carnage, this time in western Kentucky.

Fourteen people were wounded, two of them fatally, after a shooter opened fire Tuesday morning at Marshall County High School, Gov. Matt Bevin said at a news conference. Another five people sustained other injuries. A 15-year-old male student was arrested at the scene and will be charged with murder and attempted murder, Bevin said.

Let’s just get it over with.  Everyone grab a gun, and go kill everyone you can until someone kills you.  Last guy alive, go ahead and clean up the mess.

Let’s face it- we just don’t care how many innocent people are killed so we can have our cherished ‘rights’.  But, and pay attention, don’t ever complain about abortion again while you’re clutching your assault rifle.  Abortionists and gun nuts are of the same mentality: killers.

Luther and the Jews – Lecture by Prof. Dr. Volker Leppin

We are delighted to welcome the german Prof. Dr. Volker Leppin from the Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen at Beit Ben-Yehuda. Together with him – a protestant theologian and professor for church history – we will travel in time and talk about one of Leppins most distinct research focuses:

“Luther and the Jews – medieval background and reformation theology”

Luther is well or badly known for his attitude towards the Jews. In his last years, he wrote several polemic cruel treatises against Jews. In them, he called for a total destruction of Jewish religious life in Germany – which later on again and again was used as legitimation for anti-Jewish measures. Some scholars like to understand Luther’s anti-Jewish polemics as remains of his medieval education. To a certain degree, indeed, this is true. But to another part, one can see that Luther is thinking here absolutely on the lines of his theology of justification which was in the core of his reformation theology. The presentation will show both medieval background and reformation theology in Luther’s Anti-Judaism.

Date: 31.01.2018

7:30pm – We will have a short Tu biSchevat
8:15pm – Start of the Lecture

The Lecture will be held in english.

We’re looking forward to see you!

Alister McGrath: Newton

A Lovely Eve

The session on Job was brilliant.  And by brilliant I mean very interactive.  Before it happened I had dinner with Gareth and his wonderful family and on the way up to their place I snapped some photos:

Out and About Before the Evening Session

I went up the escalator, walked down again, bought a couple of little gifts for a couple of little people, and got a very nice cup of coffee at a very nice little coffee shop.  I’m having dinner at 5 with the Dean and then off to the session on Job.

More anon-

It’s All About the Beer for You, Isn’t it Martin?

luther_glassLuther comments on John 6:54 thusly-

For instance, if I were to say: “Wittenberg beer quenches the thirst, but Annaberg beer does so too,” I would not be excluding any other beer from doing the same thing. But matters change if I say: “If you do not drink Wittenberg beer, you will find no other beer to slake your thirst.” Thus Christ does not confine Himself here to an affirmative statement, but He excludes everything else as He says: “Unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood, you have no life in you.” Thus he who despises His flesh will find that nothing else will prove helpful or be accounted valid. I may call on St. Mary or St. Peter, but they cannot help. All else is ruled out completely. In brief, all other methods are rejected.

Martin… beer is hardly a fit illustration for the uniqueness of Christ’s sacrifice.  You German sot.

In Which Paul Describes Ministry

We avoid putting obstacles in anyone’s way, so that no blame may attach to our work of service; but in everything we prove ourselves authentic servants of God; by resolute perseverance in times of hardships, difficulties and distress; when we are flogged or sent to prison or mobbed; labouring, sleepless, starving; in purity, in knowledge, in patience, in kindness; in the Holy Spirit, in a love free of affectation; in the word of truth and in the power of God; by using the weapons of uprightness for attack and for defence: in times of honour or disgrace, blame or praise; taken for impostors and yet we are genuine; unknown and yet we are acknowledged; dying, and yet here we are, alive; scourged but not executed; in pain yet always full of joy; poor and yet making many people rich; having nothing, and yet owning everything. People of Corinth, we have spoken frankly and opened our heart to you.  Any distress you feel is not on our side; the distress is in your own selves.  In fair exchange — I speak as though to children of mine — you must open your hearts too.   (2 Cor. 6:3-13)

Out for Lunch

The Paul session went well and afterwards one of the students and I wandered to a very good sandwich shop.  Super great food and along the way learned interesting facts about Hong Kong.  For instance, the present waterfront is fairly far from the original waterline.  The flat parts of HK are reclaimed land and hills are original.  It’s an impressive architectural achievement.

We’re back to Job tonight at 7.