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Around and About this Morning

In quest of some token for the Church kids.  I think I found something that they’ll not find elsewhere.

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‘I Love You and I’m Praying For You’…

The only tenable response when Christians are attacked.  The only Christian response.  The only Christ-like response.

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Dead Sea Scrolls News… And Journalistic Failure

“Israeli Researchers Decipher One of Last Two Undecoded Dead Sea Scrolls“… ‘Undecoded’… why do they do that? Anyway… Scientists at Haifa University have reconstructed the contents of one of the last two undeciphered Dead Sea Scrolls, revealing a unique calendar … Continue reading

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Tell Me About It…

You must realise that writing books involves endless hard work, and that much study wearies the body. (Eccl. 12:12)

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Dumbing Barth Down…

Evidently Barth has to be dumbed down in order for today’s Barthians to understand him… Bless their hearts… #sad. (Photo from the moltmannian on the twitter).

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‘America First’?

Not according to John 3:16. For this is how God loved the world: he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life.

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Quote of the Day

Do not be envious of the wicked or wish for their company, for their hearts are scheming violence, their lips talking mischief. — (Prov. 24:1-2)

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A Fantastic Evening

With wonderful people at an amazing restaurant.  Thanks Denny, Caroline and Ambrose!

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Joachim Gnilka Has Died

Er war ein Wissenschaftler von weltweitem Ansehen und mit hohen kirchlichen Ehren ausgestattet: Bibelwissenschaftler Joachim #Gnilka ist tot. Der Experte für das Neue Testament starb im Alter von 89 Jahren. This is sad news indeed.  His books are really helpful … Continue reading

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Are They Getting People Who Are Capable to Do It, Or Will it be the PE Teacher?

Because what’s the point of having an ignoramus or a dilettante teach a course? A bill introduced at the Iowa Statehouse this week would establish a public school course centered on the Bible — sparking outcry from opponents who call it an “extreme piece of legislation.” … Continue reading

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Are You Determined?

Probably not much as this lad, Lancelot, from a Medieval illustrated manuscript…  If only Christians were this determined to be Christ-like….

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Who Is To Blame for the Shutdown?

You, the voter.  You keep returning the same failed and failing politicians to Washington to do the same failed things that they’ve always done: enriching themselves and serving at the behest of the highest bidder. Who is to blame for … Continue reading

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Afternoon Meanderings

Just a couple of notes- there are as many high end luxury cars here as anywhere.  Probably more.  And all the scaffolding?  It’s all bamboo.  There isn’t a metal scaffold in the city that I’ve seen.  And they’re all lashed … Continue reading

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