Daily Archives: 20 Jan 2018

A Walk Around the Mall, and a Movie

I thought I’d see the new Liam Neeson film today so I wandered over to the mall and enjoyed both the walk and the film.  It was especially nice to get out in the fresh air.  Here are some photos.  And I’ll wander around some unexplored neighborhoods later.  Stay tuned.

The Best Sign from the Lady March

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Update on the Food Poisoning

It started Thursday and now, Sunday morning, even the lingering after-effects seems to have disappeared.  So, insofar as this can be said, I’m back to normal.

I’ll get some breakfast in a bit (my first actual meal since Thursday’s debacle) and then decide how to occupy myself this lovely day.  Classes resume tomorrow and we finish up on Thursday and then I fly out Friday.  Stay tuned.

Signs of the Times

‘Son of man, turn towards Jerusalem, utter your word towards the sanctuary and prophesy against the land of Israel.  Say to the land of Israel, “Yahweh says this: Now I am against you; I am about to unsheathe my sword and rid you of the upright and the wicked alike.  Since I am going to rid you of upright and wicked alike, I shall unsheathe my sword against everyone alive, from the Negeb to the north,  so that everyone alive will know that I, Yahweh, am the one who has unsheathed my sword; it will not go back again.”  ‘Son of man, groan as though your heart were breaking. Utter your bitter groans where they can see you.  And if they say, “Why these groans?” reply, “Because of the news which is about to come, all hearts will sink, all hands grow weak, all spirits grow faint and all knees turn to water. It is coming now, it is here!-declares Lord Yahweh.” ‘ (Ezek. 21:7-12)