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The Last Attempt to Stop the Reformation In Zurich: The Anniversary of its Failure

second_zurich_dispPursuant to the order of the Council, on Tuesday and Wednesday, January 19 and 20, 1524, Canon Hofmann, chief representative of the Old Party among the priesthood, met the three people’s priests, and six theologians and six councillors, in private sessions, and attempted to defend the old usages. But the commission decided that he had not made out his points from Scripture, and so the Council voted that the canons must give outward assent to the Council’s orders or leave the city.

With this last desperate attempt the Old Party closed their efforts, and there was no further formal opposition in Zurich to the Reformation. One by one, as the people were fully able to stand it, and understand it, those practices of the Old Church which Zwingli considered objectionable were removed. The saints’ days passed unobserved; the procession to Einsiedeln which had taken place annually on Monday after Pentecost (that year May 16th), and which was made much of, was permanently abolished, by order of Council, the preceding Saturday; the reliques were by similar order, June 15th, taken from the churches and reverently buried; the organs were removed and the ringing of the church bells during a tempest, even the tolling for funerals, stopped.

Masses for the dead, processions of clergy, payment for confession, blessing of palms, holy water, candles, and extreme unction, all became things of the past. The removal of the pictures, statues, images, and other ornaments from the churches was accomplished in the city between Saturday, July 2d, and Sunday, July 17th. Similar scenes took place all over the canton. The next step, and one which like the others was carefully weighed, was the abolition of the convents and monasteries in the city and canton of Zurich.*

*Jackson, S. M., Huldreich Zwingli: The Reformer of German Switzerland (1484–1531) (pp. 223–225).

Food Poisoning

It started when I dropped in on Thursday eve to a falafel restaurant down the road.  By classtime that eve I wasn’t feeling super and with half an hour of the 2 hour session to go I had to excuse myself.

Thursday night was spent, to put it delicately, in the bathroom.  And it was miserable.

Friday was spent in bed with general improvement and by 24 hours after initial onslaught of the bug I felt relatively normal though a bit weak.

It’s now Saturday morning and I’ve managed to get up and shower.  I think I’ll take it easy today anyway since a relapse is the last thing I want.

The folk here have been super- with constant checking-up-on and willingness to do whatever would help.

Anyway, that’s the tale.  Hopefully I’ll continue to improve and Monday will be a regular (!) day.