I Have Arrived…

It seems, honestly, like we flew from Chicago to Sweden and back over Canada to Alaska to Northern China to Hong Kong.  I don’t remember the flight being that long last time.  I must have watched 7 movies….  So naturally I’m totally worn out but very very glad to be here and very glad for the chance to be with these great students and wonderful faculty.

Tomorrow (Sunday) I’ll spend getting oriented to the local time.  Then Monday the fun kicks off.  And, by the by, pay no mention to the time stamp.  We’re 13 hours ahead of Eastern time, US here.  So what looks like it was posted at 8:50 in the morning was actually posted at 9:50.  Etc.

Here are some pics of my suite at the school.  More anon.

Oh, and as an aside, you Historical Jesus people need to pick up your game.  Repeating the same pre 19th century arguments and ideologically driven interpretations just don’t cut it.  Read some Bultmann.