The Hezekiah Syndrome

I call it the ‘Hezekiah Syndrome’. It’s when people get sick, make all kinds of promises to God, get well, and completely forget everything they promised, thus returning to live lives which only beg for an answer to the question- why did God keep them here?

I have to say, I’ve never known anyone who, in that situation, actually lived up to what they promised God. Not one. I do, however, know of and can relate countless examples of the contrary.

When sick perhaps the best question we can ask ourselves is- why should God keep me around? I’d wager that for most, if honest, the answer would be ‘I dunno’.

2 thoughts on “The Hezekiah Syndrome

    • his prayer for healing. he lived 15 years longer. in doing so he 1- fathered manesseh, the most evil king in the nation’s history and 2- showed the babylonians around the temple, resulting in their desire to have what it contained (and earning the ire of isaiah). that’s what.


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