The Day Luther Wrote His Will

January 6, 1542-  And it begins

I, Martin Luther, doctor, etc., acknowledge with this my own handwriting that I have given to my beloved and faithful housewife Katherine as an endowment (or whatever one can call it) for her lifetime, which she will be at liberty to manage according to her pleasure and to her best interest, and give it to her by the authority of this document on this very present day, to wit, the little holding at Zülsdorf, the same which I have purchased and made useful, absolutely as I have had it up to now; secondly, as a dwelling the house of Bruno which I have bought under the name of my man Wolf; thirdly, beakers and valuables, such as rings, necklaces, gratuities, gold and silver, which should be worth about a thousand gulden.

Etc.  It’s a pretty interesting text.  You can find it in Vol 34 of the American Edition of Luther’s Works.