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The New TD Jakes ‘Study’ ‘Bible’

Because you don’t study it, and it’s not the Bible.  It’s a promotional gimmick.

Prosperity gospel preacher Bishop T.D. Jakes just announced at long last the release of his first official Bible, a study edition whose cover and pages are made entirely of a high-quality, 24-karat gold.

Valued at $450,000, the copy of the Scriptures will let everyone around you know just how blessed you are. With a thick, solid gold cover, real gold-embossed pages, and the study notes written by T.D. Jakes himself printed in rare diamonds, it’s said to be a copy of the Bible all your friends and family will sinfully covet.

“God didn’t intend for you to just get by,” Jakes said in a video announcing the Bible. “He intended for you to be rich. If you obey Him, you’ll never be broke a day in your life—and if you REALLY obey Him, you’ll be blessed enough to purchase my half-million-dollar copy of the Bible.”

Each copy of the T.D. Jakes Solid Gold Bible is handcrafted by a team of prosperity gospel preachers who speak words of blessing and affirmation over every single page, ensuring your copy of the Bible will bring you physical blessings for years to come. Endorsed by Paula White, Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Steven Furtick, and others, the Bible is set to be one of this year’s best-selling products, according to the product listing on Jakes’s ministry website.

“Don’t settle for a plain Jane copy of the Word of God—He wants His best for you, and that means two words: SOLID. GOLD,” Jakes added.

Quote of the Day

Evil men do not understand justice, But those who seek the LORD understand all.  Better is the poor who walks in his integrity Than one perverse in his ways, though he be rich.  (Prov. 28:5-6)