Vicar in Kent fines brides £100 if late to own wedding

This is the best idea ever.  Except it should be the case with anyone in the wedding party.  If anyone is late, you forfeit the on time charge.  So have your people there on time (because wedding time wasters are really the worst people on the planet).

Reverend John Corbyn, of the Holy Cross Church in Bearstead, said couples who are on time will get their £100 deposit back along with their wedding certificate at the end of the ceremony.

But those who are 20 minutes late will lose their money, and it will be distributed to the staff who were kept waiting for the happy couple to begin the service.

There will be no fine if the delay was unavoidable – so those who get stuck in traffic need not fear.

Rev Corbyn explained he came up with the idea after visiting a church in Uganda where services were performed back-to-back, with couples getting an incentive to arrive on time.

He said he wanted to show he was taking his staff and their time seriously, as many were not doing it for the money.

Bloody genius.  I want to be this guy’s best friend.