A Quote To Warm Your Heart on this Frigid Day

It’s 18 degrees here… so I presume it’s colder up north.  Anyway, here’s a quote provided by my Chicago friend Ralph Keen-

Then woe unto you who have been the teachers of this people, who for filthy lucre have deceived their souls, teaching for doctrine the traditions of men, daubing the people with fair words, because they put into your mouthes, but he that doth not you even prepare war against him, and peace you say to the rich, and judgement to the poor in spirit, and so the world is not divided aright, but truth is turned backward for the waies of unrighteousness, and you through your learning and arts, have been idolized manie dayes, but now your flatterie is seen, and your learning is come to naught, and your unrighteousness will be made manifest to the eyes of al people that have been deceived therewith, and all your righteousness and unrighteousness is sin in the sight of God, and your reward shall be accordinglie.  — John Higgins 1633-67.

Amen, and amen.  I feel warmer already.  P.S. – I think he’s looking at you, Yale…