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It’s December 29 in the United Kingdom!

That means that yet another Saint is being celebrated- and this time it’s Becket!  That’s right friends, it’s ‘Stab A Priest Whilst He Prays’ day in the UK!


[NB- Please do not stab any priests.  God finds it distasteful and morally objectionable].

Happy Becket Day!

When John Dean Thinks You’re Evil…

You’re downright depraved.  And he’s not wrong.

Me- When People Say that They Can’t Read the Bible Through in a Year Because ‘4 Chapters a Day Is too Much’…

Put That Baby on Silent Mode

New mother Tatiana Olson is being called rude and obnoxious for failing to put her baby on silent mode before entering the church service at Generations Church during Sunday’s service.

The woman’s infant cried several times during the service, interrupting the proceedings and demonstrating the reason for the church’s strict rules on using a newborn’s silent mode before coming into the church.

“It’s just inconsiderate. We even post notices in the foyer asking mothers to be sure to put their babies on silent mode before being seated,” head deacon Lucas Carlisle said Wednesday. “We’re here to be the body of Christ to one another, and we can’t do that when your baby interrupts our carefully crafted show.”

The mother was finally asked to leave and find “one of those weird churches that welcomes children,” according to sources.

So rude….

If You’re In Hong Kong In January…

The NIV is Produced By Zondervan Which is Owned By Murdoch…

And that’s why they market the Bible so trashily and ignorantly (and take note especially of the bullet points at the bottom right)…

NB- the NIV is a substandard translation.  If you’re looking for a good translation for your children, get them a Bible, just a regular (non-targeted to a subgroup) Bible in the Revised English Bible or the New Jerusalem Bible or the New Revised Standard Bible or even the Common English Bible.

A Quote To Warm Your Heart on this Frigid Day

It’s 18 degrees here… so I presume it’s colder up north.  Anyway, here’s a quote provided by my Chicago friend Ralph Keen-

Then woe unto you who have been the teachers of this people, who for filthy lucre have deceived their souls, teaching for doctrine the traditions of men, daubing the people with fair words, because they put into your mouthes, but he that doth not you even prepare war against him, and peace you say to the rich, and judgement to the poor in spirit, and so the world is not divided aright, but truth is turned backward for the waies of unrighteousness, and you through your learning and arts, have been idolized manie dayes, but now your flatterie is seen, and your learning is come to naught, and your unrighteousness will be made manifest to the eyes of al people that have been deceived therewith, and all your righteousness and unrighteousness is sin in the sight of God, and your reward shall be accordinglie.  — John Higgins 1633-67.

Amen, and amen.  I feel warmer already.  P.S. – I think he’s looking at you, Yale…

Matthew Henry Predicted Facebook!

m-henryThose that boast most of their religion may be suspected of partiality and hypocrisy in it. – Matthew Henry

Quote of the Day

He who covers his sins will not prosper, But whoever confesses and forsakes them will have mercy.  Happy is the man who is always reverent, But he who hardens his heart will fall into calamity. (Prov. 28:13-14)

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