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A New Accusation Against Jesus…

And it’s a doozy… But unsurprising in these here troubled times…

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14 Dec 2017 at 4:30 pm

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Crossing Traditions: Essays on the Reformation and Intellectual History in Honour of Irena Backus

Edited by Maria-Cristina Pitassi and Daniela Solfaroli Camillocci (University of Geneva).  Irena Backus’ scholarship has been characterised by profound historical learning and philological acumen, extraordinary mastery of a wide range of languages, and broad-ranging interests. From the history of historiography to the story of Biblical exegesis and the reception of the Church Fathers, her research on the long sixteenth century stands as a point of reference for both historians of ideas and church historians alike. She also explored late medieval theology before turning her attention to the interplay of religion and philosophy in the seventeenth century, the focus of her late research. This volume assembles contributions from 35 international specialists that reflect the breadth of her interests and both illustrate and extend her path-breaking legacy as a scholar, teacher and colleague.

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Still Another Rejection, By an Actual Theologian, of the Pope’s Ridiculous Effort to Defile the Lord’s Prayer

Ulrich K. writes

“Diese Sichtweise passt zu einem modernen Mainstream-Christentum, das den biblischen Gott von allen verstörenden, widersprüchlichen und abgründigen Zügen reinigen will”, schreibt Körtner in seinem Kommentar. “Das Gottesbild wird nach den Maßstäben heutiger Moral passend gemacht und die Theodizeefrage – die Frage also nach Gottes Güte und Gerechtigkeit angesichts des Bösen und des Leidens – durch fromme Floskeln überdeckt.”

#Bam.  Read the rest.  The Pontiff should stick to whatever it is he was trained in and not dabble in interpretive issues.

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14 Dec 2017 at 8:51 am

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‘They Will Know You By the Love You Have For One Another’…

A pastor from back in the late 70s of the church a friend is at told him that one year he received a Christmas card from a member.  It said, “Pastor, the best Christmas present you could give our church is your resignation!”

It seems that member sort of missed the whole point.

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Fun Facts From Church History: Calvin’s Foes and the Ends they Went to In Order to Discourage Him

calvin4It took ten years constant and vigilant police oversight with combined moral and spiritual education to secure to Calvin his triumph over the intrigues of parties and the hatred of base born men. From 1545 to 1555 he felt the utmost venom of their opposition.

At one time he almost despaired and, December 14, 1547, wrote to Farel: “Affairs are in such a state of confusion that I despair of being able longer to retain the Church, at least by my own endeavors.” His opponents were of the same crowd who drove him away in 1538, and though they afterwards submitted, and in the case of one or two, even joined in the invitation for his return, yet under the fretting of his harsh discipline they began serious and offensive resistance.

They nicknamed him “Cain,” and named dogs after him; they threatened him in the pulpit, and fired guns off under his windows; even trying on one occasion to wrest from his hands the sacred elements at the Eucharist. Only an extraordinary man could have resisted the pressure.*

Just remember that the next time your Elders or Deacons call you up and tell you you’re a failure.  At least they aren’t naming their dogs after you… or…. are they?

RT Stevenson, John Calvin: The Statesman, p. 137.

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Michael Bird: Jesus had multiple erections throughout his life


Remnant of Giants

Theologian Michael Bird (Ridley College) appeared on Australian national television last night, talking about Jesus’ erections.

Here’s the rush transcript of Michael Bird discussing the rigidity of Our Lord’s penis with ABC interviewer, Tom Ballard:

Michael Bird: I’ll tell you a real funny story. I taught religious education to some students … and I asked them a very provocative question. I said to them, ‘Did Jesus ever have an erection?’

Tom Ballard: ‘Did Jesus ever have an erection?’?

Michael Bird: I believe he did.

Tom Ballard: Multiple erections.

Michael Bird: Throughout the course of his life.

Tom Ballard: Would he have had an orgasm?

Michael Bird: I don’t know. He may have had, he probably had a nocturnal emission as a teenager.

Tom Ballard: OK.

Michael Bird: We all have…

Tom Ballard: Would he have… helped that along, if he was a red-blooded, normal man?

Michael Bird: What do you mean by…

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What We Learned From Sandy Hook: Killing Children Is Acceptable in Our Society But Gun Control Isn’t


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Sandy Hook Slaughter- the 5th Anniversary

Lest we forget…


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