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Those Lining Up Against The Lord’s Prayer According to the Pope are Growing

This time it’s Dan Wallace.  Here-  https://danielbwallace.com/2017/12/12/pope-francis-the-lords-prayer-and-bible-translation/

Will Ross Has Posted Something

On LXX stuff things.  It’s aight….

As 2017 Draws to a Close

You Can Stop Trying to Convince Me That Xmas Is Acceptable- It Isn’t

And the reason is as simple as can be explained in two sentences.  The latter the most important:

The problem with the x = Chi explanation that so many love to spew from their keyboards and mouths during this season is that the general public knows NOTHING of it, or Greek.   And, most importantly of all, all they see is an x, and in Greek, x is Xi, not Chi.

If you’re going to foist a ridiculous pseudo-explanation on the public in an attempt to justify laziness in abbreviation, please, at least learn enough Greek to know the difference between χ  and ξ .  Otherwise, you just look silly.

UPDATE:  NO, you have NEVER heard someone say -‘Chi- mas’ but you’ve heard plenty of people say ‘X-mas’ because to them X is X.  So stop pretending otherwise.

The Voice of the People… Is Not the Voice of God

We need to remind ourselves of this, constantly-

Thank You, Alabama

For rejecting evil.