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Those Who Wish to Alter The Lord’s Prayer…

From ‘do not lead us’ to ‘do not let us fall’ understand neither the Old Testament nor how to translate Greek. They are theological and exegetical buffoons.

America Exports more Weapons Than Every Other Country Combined…


Write this In Every School and Church

“They are oppressed by blindness, satanic error, ignorance and hatred of God, and eternal death, and no punishment in hell can be more horrible than theirs.” (Melanchthon, 1549, on those who dispute theology without knowing Greek, CR 11, 862). Via Ralph Keen

The Weirdest Portrait of Calvin I’ve Ever Seen

William Wileman [1849-1941], John Calvin: His Life, His Teaching and His Influence. London: Robert Banks & Son, c. 1900. Facing p.65.


Martin Luther Making Friends…

When he [Martin Luther] was arguing with his wife he said, “You convince me of whatever you please. You have complete control. I concede to you the control of the household, provided my rights are preserved. Female government has never done any good. God made Adam master over all creatures, to rule over all living things, but when Eve persuaded him that he was lord even over God she spoiled everything.  We have you women to thank for that! With tricks and cunning women deceive men, as I, too, have experienced.” – Table Talk

Yeah, ladyfolk…. take that… why don’t ya….


The Parable of the Penguin

So, in 1677 a penguin was drawn by a man who had never seen one. The result looks nothing like a penguin. And that’s exactly why Hollywood and the other assorted dilettantes who blather on about it never get the Bible right. They’ve never studied it, they’ve only ever just heard bits and snippets. Consequently what they produce, and what they say, resembles the Bible as much as this drawing resembles a penguin.


Quote of the Day

“The most degenerate kind of a state is one in which the richest are presumed to be the best.” – Cicero

Window Blind Cords: The Move to Ban Them Because they Cause 10 Deaths a Year…

Meanwhile, 19 children EACH DAY die from gunshot wounds in this country.  10 kids die a YEAR because of becoming entangled in window blinds…  19 A DAY by gun… but let’s ban window cords and not guns…

I guess the window blind cord needs to go talk to the NRA about how to lobby to kill.

Fun Fact About Luther…

He disliked and distrusted Doctors and felt that the best cure for illnesses was a good helping of herring and peas.  He even claimed they had wide curative powers.