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Signs of the Times

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Upcoming Colloquia

The ETCBC would like to welcome all who are interested to our upcoming colloquiums throughout the Spring semester. We will have a variety of speakers, touching on topics such as Hebrew vocabulary training and statistical approaches to diachronic Hebrew language change. See the full schedule below. You can always check our Google Calendar to see the most up to date event information.

Go here for the list.

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I Know What Luther Would Say to These ‘Lutherans’- And They Wouldn’t Like It

This essay addresses the recent ‘transgender service’ at a Lutheran ‘Church’ in Minnesota:

There is Christianity.  There is liberal Christianity, which stretches the term considerably.  There is heretical Christianity, which is outside the pale but at least claims to still be Christian.  At what point, though, does a religious expression cease to be Christian altogether?  Consider the “Transgender Day of Remembrance” Communion service at the ELCA’s Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota, on November 15.

You can watch the service here, on YouTube.  If you don’t want to watch all 59 minutes, I’ll give you just a few highlights.

Instead of beginning “in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit,” two of those terms being construed as sexist, the invocation in this service is “in the name of Creator, Christ, and the Holy Breath.”

There is a confession of sins, but it expresses our failure to be wild and free.  The absolution tells us that all shackles are broken and that God accepts us as we are.

The service avoids male terms for God–He, Him, Father, Lord–but then goes all in for gendered language to refer to God.  When it comes time to say the Lord’s Prayer, it is addressed to “Our mother who art in heaven.”

God is thereby transgendered!

We could go on, but let’s stop there.

He doesn’t actually stop.  He just stops talking about the ‘service’.  Read more at

I know what Luther would say to that ‘Church’-

Whoever tolerates and listens to you should know that they are listening to the devil himself, incarnate and abominable, as he speaks out of the mouth of a possessed person.

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9 Dec 2017 at 12:06 pm

Jerusalem, End Times Gibberish, And False Teaching

The notion that there will be some sort of ‘rapture’ followed by some sort of ‘reign of Antichrist’ followed by some earthly kingdom that lasts 1000 years followed by some terrible battle followed by the destruction of all unbelievers followed by the eternal kingdom of Heaven is entirely unscriptural.

It stems from a doctrinal system invented out of the over fertile imaginations of ‘dispensationalists’ in the 19th century.  It has no basis in exegesis of Scripture and instead offers a false reading of Scripture.

It is popular with Christian Zionists and others who have little familiarity with the proper interpretation of Scripture.  These Christian Zionists heretically exalt Israel, the modern State, to a rank above all other nations and by doing so attribute to the modern city of Jerusalem an unhealthy and false importance.  At the same time they denigrate both Palestinians and other Arabs and discount their legitimate concerns in favor of the Jews, which they portray as the eternal ‘people of God’ (unless those Jews repent and receive Messiah, in which case they will roast like all the rest).

Christian Zionists teach untruth- because they accept an untruthful doctrinal system.  The political consequences of their false teaching have stained and soiled American foreign policy since the rise of AIPAC and other Zionist organizations.

Christian Zionists have found strange bedfellows in Jewish Zionists- whose aim is also the ultimate extermination of the Palestinians in their ever growing thirst for Lebensraum in the West Bank and other Palestinian areas.  Both Jewish Zionists and Christian Zionists distort Scripture.  As such, both should not be supported by people of faith.

Don’t be fooled by false exegesis based on a false hermeneutic.  Learn what Scripture actually says and turn your back on the gibberish that passes for exposition in unlearned and ignorant corners of Christianity.

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If You Don’t Read Greek and Hebrew, This Is the Bible You Need to Read

rebIt is, in all sincerity, the very best English translation of the Bible that has yet been produced.  And, yes, I’ve looked at every English translation of the Bible and it really is the best.  It is the most faithful to the underlying originals whilst maintaining a readability unsurpassed.  Get it.

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Zwingli’s Love of Music Led Him To Abandon it in Worship

Simply put, because he loved God more.

Zwingli's House, Zurich

Zwingli’s House, Zurich

The most radical change which Zwingli made in the Church service at Zurich was to do away with both instrumental and vocal music. This action was the more strange since Zwingli himself was a very accomplished musician, being able to play upon different instruments and also to sing well; yet in the course of the year 1525 he suspended the choir-singing and on December 9, 1527, had the organ of the Great Minster broken up and insisted that similar action should be taken by the other churches in the city and canton.

His motive was twofold; first, because all this music was inseparably connected with the Roman Church worship and he desired to remove as far as possible the Reformed congregations from all association with the past; and second, because the words of the music were in Latin and therefore unintelligible to the people and he desired to have every part of the Reformed worship in the vernacular.*

If music doesn’t serve worship it doesn’t belong in the Service. Modern churches could, and should, learn from this important theological principle. Indeed, if people were honest they would admit that most music in churches has more to do with entertainment or the self aggrandizement of the musicians than it has to do with the Glory of God.

*Samuel Macauley Jackson, Huldreich Zwingli: The Reformer of German Switzerland (1484–1531) (Heroes of the Reformation; New York; London: G. P. Putnam’s Sons; Knickerbocker Press, 1901), 290.

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These Are the Kind of People Who Supported Trump Last Night in Pensacola

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One would imagine that they didn’t make it past high school.

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Calvin On Those Who Lie About Faith

zwingli_calvinHow does [John] prove that they are liars who boast that they have faith without piety? even by the contrary effect; for he has already said, that the knowledge of God is efficacious. For God is not known by a naked imagination, since he reveals himself inwardly to our hearts by the Spirit. Besides, as many hypocrites vainly boast that they have faith, the Apostle charges all such with falsehood. –  John Calvin

It’s not hard to imagine what Calvin would say about Trump, Moore, Falwell Jr, Metaxas, White, and the rest of Trump’s religious advisory council…

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Most People Explained In One Verse

You love evil rather than good,  falsehood rather than speaking the truth. Ps 52:3

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