This is what happens when you let research assistants write your books for you: Statement from Zondervan Academic on Dr. Andreas Köstenberger’s John Commentary

There are a lot of ‘scholars’ who put their names on their grad students work. Köstenberger is just one of many.

What Does the Text Say?

This is one of the possible problems that arise when a prof has research assistant writing for them. I had a prof in grad school who published a dictionary using research assistants. I don’t know how the others fared, but five of the six articles in that dictionary are word-for-word exactly what I wrote. The sixth is my work in the same manner with only the intro removed. I did get a thank you on the acknowledgements page, but he is still listed as the author when the work (at least in my regard) was not his. I know that’s how many do it but it’s still just wrong. The next time he asked me to serve as a “research” assistant for him, I politely declined.

Statement from Zondervan Academic on Dr. Andreas Köstenberger’s John Commentary

In October 2017 Dr. Andreas Köstenberger informed Zondervan Academic that his commentary on the…

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