2 thoughts on “Our Book has Received a Very Positive Review (By None Less than Donald McKim)

  1. Dear Jim,

    Thanks so much for your kind ‘headline’ here–much appreciated!

    When I saw yours’ and Jon’s book announced, I quickly sought to get a review copy through ‘Reading Religion.’ That came through in short order and I read the book and wrote the review.

    As you know, short reviews can’t do good justice to a book! But I wanted to signal the value of what you and Jon have done in focusing attention on other Reformers in this ‘year of Luther.’ The pieces are all fine; and this is a splendid contribution. Uncovering the treasures of the ‘lesser known’ reformers–that is an important vocation; and this book gives highly interesting insights all along its way. So, thanks to you and Jon for the idea and putting it all together. Well done!

    I enjoy receiving your Zwinglius Redivivus missives. You have a tremendously wide reach with topics; and I especially appreciate your alerts on new books, conferences, and resources. These are quite helpful; and a real service.

    You must work 24/7! I got notice that my review was posted last night at 7:14. At 7:25 you posted word of the review…Amazing! I frequently get news alerts from you (especially about the current administration–and which you serve a ‘prophetic role’ in ‘calling out’!)–before I get them from ‘The Washington Post’! So, thanks for you for your diligence and your biblical/theological critiques–which are important words to hear!

    So, many thanks, Jim…on a number of levels!

    God’s rich blessings to you and yours for this Advent season and beyond…

    Yours in Christ,



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