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Children Before God

You lot may find this book to be of interest.  It certainly looks interesting.

This work seeks to delineate a theological framework into which biblically informed imagery and language of children in relation to God can be placed. McNeill’s aim is to offer a work of positive construction within the general Reformed tradition. The book shows that John Calvin has much to offer in this respect, but by examining the imagery and language of children in his works it is shown that Calvin is not adequately biblically informed in this area. McNeill argues that Jonathan Edwards provides a theological tool that enables a construal of children more in keeping with biblical language and imagery. The book then offers a general critique of current child development theories in which providential activity in child development is more or less ignored. By adopting Calvin’s theological framework to understand children before God, it is argued that the integration of child development and divine providence becomes a distinct possibility.

At the very least you can read it in a Scottish accent, which will make it a fun go.

You Were at Utah’s ‘Capital’ Not ‘Capitol’

Bless his heart…

Here’s a helpful reminder from Vocabulary.com-

capitol (with an o) is a building that houses a government’s legislative branch. When capitol is capitalized (ahem), it refers to the Capitol Building in Washington, DC, that is home to US Senators and Representatives. It’s located on — where else? — Capitol Hill.

Remember that capitol with an o refers to a certain type of building that usually has a dome,then you’ll know that in all other cases you want capital with an a.

Counting and Weighing: On the Role of Intuition in Philology and Linguistics

By Martin Ehrensvärd. Give it a read in Bible and Interpretation. Great stuff.

Podiumsdiskussion der Volkshochschule Zürich

500 Jahre Reformation sind ein Grund zu feiern. Die Volkshochschule Zürich nutzt die Gelegenheit, um über die Grundlagen und vor allem die Wirkung der Schweizer Reformation zu diskutieren – von Zwingli bis zum Ende des Kulturkampfes. Welche Errungenschaften hat sie gebracht? Wie hat sich das Leben der Menschen in Zürich konkret geändert? Welche Rolle spielte die Konfession in der Eidgenossenschaft, welche im Sonderbundskrieg?

And more, here.

And yet Another Reason to Keep Your Kids out of Malls…

There are more than just shoppers prowling for deals at local malls this holiday season. Predators may also be targeting teens for human trafficking.

Epic Girl works to empower at-risk teen girls through education, mentorship and counseling.

Epic Girl founder and CEO Stacia Freeman says she educates her girls on what look out for when a man, woman, or couple approaches. She says predators use shopping malls and other places where young, teenage girls may not have adult supervision in order to find their victims.

“The girls we work with say the number one place where people approach them is the mall,” Freeman said. “Their best strategy is to build a relationship so obviously they’ll show up in places where kids are likely to be and they might be unsupervised.”

Freeman says predators will also pretend to be music video producers or photographers.

Etc…  Read it all and don’t let your kids hit the mall unsupervised.

#ICYMI- This is What Jerry Falwell Jr Said in 2015- He Thinks We Ought to ‘End’ Muslims…

Yesterday at Liberty’s Convocation he said

“if more good people had conceal carry permits then we can end those Muslims before(Not translatable).

Inappropriate much, Mr Falwell?  Ever read Luke 9:54ff?  No?  Maybe you should.

Here’s the context of his absurd and subChristian remarks


Falwell, Jr: If the people in that community center had had what I got in my back pocket right now(Applause and Cheering).

Falwell, Jr: Illegal to pull it out? I don’t know. (Laughter)

Falwell, Jr: If more good people had conceal carry permits then we can end those Muslims before(Not translatable. Applause)

Falwell, Jr: I just want to take this opportunity to encourage all of you to get your permit. We offer a free course.

Falwell, Jr: Let’s teach ’em a lesson if they ever show up here. (Applause)

Falwell, Jr: Thank you and you’re dismissed.

How embarrassing.  Both that he said those things and that people laughed.