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The Kushner’s Have A Gift Suggestion For You: A Bathrobe… With their Name on It

I wonder who would buy such a thing?  Bathrobes are cool but with THAT name on it?  You can’t be serious.

DOOK’s Course Offering…

Some spell it Duke but I think in this instance it should be Dook…

With thanks to Mike Bird for posting that photo on the twitter (without, I confess, the snarky respelling of Dook.)

2018 World Cup Draw

Group E is the group to watch.

Franklin Graham, Your Blind Support of Donald Trump is not Just Wrong, it’s Evil

And what does Scripture say of people aligning with evil?

Woe to the rebellious children — declares Yahweh — who make plans which do not come from me and make alliances not inspired by me, and so add sin to sin! (Isa. 30:1)

You’re sinning, Franklin.  You and Metaxas and Falwell Jr. and White and the rest.  You’re sinning.  Repent while you can.  Read Isaiah 30 in its entirety and understand it’s theological message, Franklin.  You’ve chosen evil against Yahweh, and you’ll answer for it.  You and Metaxas and Falwell Jr and White and all the rest.

God Doesn’t Hear the Prayers of GOP Senators

Not until he hears their prayer of repentance-

White House Kicks off the Holiday Season With a Cross Burning on the South Lawn

The news in photos, from The Onion-

Washington, DC, The White House

American’s On #Trumpcare