Daily Archives: 2 Dec 2017

The Kushner’s Have A Gift Suggestion For You: A Bathrobe… With their Name on It

I wonder who would buy such a thing?  Bathrobes are cool but with THAT name on it?  You can’t be serious.

DOOK’s Course Offering…

Some spell it Duke but I think in this instance it should be Dook…

With thanks to Mike Bird for posting that photo on the twitter (without, I confess, the snarky respelling of Dook.)

2018 World Cup Draw

Group E is the group to watch.

God Doesn’t Hear the Prayers of GOP Senators

Not until he hears their prayer of repentance-

White House Kicks off the Holiday Season With a Cross Burning on the South Lawn

The news in photos, from The Onion-

Washington, DC, The White House