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This Is Why I Literally Hate it When the Media Discusses Some New ‘Find’ Related to the Bible…

The utter ineptitude and bloated idiotic exaggerated claims… are infuriating. First, the moronic misleading headline- Ancient copy of Jesus’s secret papyrus teachings to his brother discovered ‘Jesus secret papyrus teachings’ – nope. ‘To his brother’ – nope. ‘Discovered’ – nope. … Continue reading

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Rob Bell Has Written His Most Sensible Essay to Date

This is Rob Bell at his very best.  This is, literally, the best he can do. Op-Ed: When We Learn To Zim To God’s Zum, Red Potato Pepper Cascading At The Burning Of Dawn. Zim. It’s not just a nonsensical … Continue reading

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Mike Pence Is Starting to Dream of Sitting in the Big Chair

Hopefully though he will be too busy in prison for conspiring against America.

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The Wide-Ranging 2017 Biblical Studies Carnival and SBL Annual Meeting Edition

This month, besides blogposts and the like, I’m going for a true ‘Biblical Studies’ Carnival, which means that news stories, blog posts, and other sources of biblical joy are included in what follows, in a true Carnival of Things.  In … Continue reading

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The Catholic Biblical Association Emerging Scholars Program

Dear Members, The deadline for the Emerging Scholars Program is January 15th. This is a great opportunity to help younger scholars to experience CBA and to help them build their CV. All necessary information is found on our website at … Continue reading

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This is Why I Simply Cannot Stand the GOP

The hypocrisy… unbelievable.

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The Logos Free Book of the Month


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The Dumbest Thing I’ve Read in Ages

A C of E ‘minister’ says Christians should pray that Prince George be gay. And all this time we’ve been told being gay isn’t a choice- you’re born that way…. Y’all are going to have to make up your minds. … Continue reading

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