The Disciples of Roy Moore Are Disciples of Satan

“Or in other words, I’d be mad at him but I’d vote for him anyway.”

I don’t know who this Tully Borland creature is, but I think her or his children should be removed from the home and allowed to live with someone who actually cares for them.

The disciples of Moore are sick, sickening people.  I can’t even comprehend the evil resident in their hearts and minds.

If you don’t believe in Total Depravity, you’re a fool.

3 thoughts on “The Disciples of Roy Moore Are Disciples of Satan

  1. My opinion on Moore is meaningless because I don’t live in Alabama and can’t vote for him, but the primary issue with me concerning Moore is that I just don’t believe the accusations against him. It makes no sense to me that a man could go through so many campaigns in Alabama, could win election to a very prominent public office, be so controversial in that office, and no one ever brings these allegations to light until a month before he’s about to be elected to the senate. It’s not about whether or not people are sinners, or about whether or not they should be forgiven (40 years later) or about whether or not the alleged behavior is acceptable. The pivotal fact here, (so far as I know) is that there just isn’t any compelling evidence that Roy Moore did what he’s being accused of doing.


    • so all the women are lying. and the cops are lying about him trolling malls. and the mall is lying when it says he was sent off. everyone is lying but moore is telling the truth, because the women took ‘too long’ (in your estimation) to come forward?

      i can’t buy into that. sociologists and psychologists have conclusively shown that abuse can take decades to come to remembrance. moore is a serial predator and all the evidence proves it.


    The Reformaton took place because a man decided that Indulgences, or, the exchange of favors, during that time represented by money, could redeem one from centuries in purgatory.
    THE EVANGELICALS today do the same thing: A politician promises them favors, and support for some of their causes (I DON’T SAY “SOME” LIGHTLY), and in trade, EVANGELICALS offer political redemption by voting them to office.


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