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Signs of the Times

The 1 Dec, 2017 cover of the Daily Mirror-

Total Depravity: The Church That Just Compared Roy Moore, Child Molester, to Jesus

1- Jesus and Roy Moore don’t belong in the same category.  Not even remotely.

2- A Church urging people to vote for a particular person?  Nope.  That’s not a Church.  That’s a cult.  A political cult.  The ‘Pastor’ of that group is no theologian.

NB- With thanks to Juan for the pic on the twitter.

The White House is Infested With Vermin

And then there are the bugs…

The Tyndale House (Cambridge) Greek New Testament Is Now on the S.T.E.P. Bible

Check it out here.  And remember, you can always download the STEP Bible program, free, for you personal, offline, use.

The Alabama Pastor Backing Moore Lied to Cover Up His Son’s Molestation of Orphans

And it’s not even surprising, is it…

Rev. Bill Atkinson, a pastor who sang for Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore at a recent campaign event, was convicted of obstructing an investigation into whether his son molested children at an orphanage his family owned in Honduras.

Alabama.com reports that Atkinson in 2012 “was found guilty of obstruction and conspiracy for ordering two of his children to destroy a hard drive of a digital video recorder, which held evidence that incriminated” his son, William James “Will” Atkinson IV, of child molestation.

Although Atkinson’s son spent time in a Honduran prison while awaiting trial for alleged child molestation, Alabama.com says that it’s not clear how the case in Honduras was ultimately resolved.

Atkinson’s presence at the Moore event is relevant given the multiple allegations that Moore himself molested teenage girls when he was in his 30s. Moore was also reportedly banned from a local shopping mall because he regularly preyed on teen girls, and a retired Alabama police officer said recently that she was tasked with keeping an eye on Moore during local high school football games over worries that he would hit on cheerleaders.

That’s the sort of person who supports Moore.   If you attend Atkinson’s Church, get out.  your ‘pastor’ is a liar who covers up indecencies and enables child rape.

Dearest Alabama

Please do the right thing in a few weeks and vote for someone, anyone, besides the child molester Roy Moore. I don’t say that as a Northern elitist liberal Washington establishment left winger. I say that as a Christian theologian who lives just to the north of you in Tennessee.

Put your Christianity front and center and ask yourself if it’s really possible for a Christian to support a man who in his 30’s was sexually involved with girls in their teens. Ask yourself if the Lord you serve would be pleased with that vote. Be honest, search your hearts. Do you honestly believe that Roy Moore is who he claims he is while everyone who REALLY knows him fears for their children when he’s around?

Send a Republican to the Senate. Write someone in. They can be just as conservative as Moore for all I care- but they must at least be moral.

But I assure you, as a Christian theologian, that any ‘Christian’ who can separate their private faith and their voting booth habits is no Christian. If you vote for an evil man, you make yourselves evil. And you’ll give an accounting to God for why you’ve done it.

Dearest Alabama, do the right thing.

Joel Watts Sings His Favorite Hymn

‘Nice’ job Joel…

The Disciples of Roy Moore Are Disciples of Satan

“Or in other words, I’d be mad at him but I’d vote for him anyway.”

I don’t know who this Tully Borland creature is, but I think her or his children should be removed from the home and allowed to live with someone who actually cares for them.

The disciples of Moore are sick, sickening people.  I can’t even comprehend the evil resident in their hearts and minds.

If you don’t believe in Total Depravity, you’re a fool.

They Sell This Book… In Wittenberg…. Bahahahahahaha

With thanks to Ralph Keen for showing it to me-

Bultmann Says…

Time’s About Up

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Daily Reminder for Men

Men- keep your hands and face and parts to yourself.  Real men don’t molest.  Real men receive invitations.  Vow to yourself to not be a jerk, pervert, molester, reprobate today.  Make the world just a little bit better by exercising self control.  Just like you learned in Kindergarten.