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What Kind of Perverted Monster is Matt Lauer and Why did NBC Let him Be It?

I’m grateful every day my daughter hasn’t been subjected to this kind of sick depravity. Because I would be in prison.

The #GOPTaxScam

Dear GOP Senators and Congressmen,

I was afraid the 1% and Congress would be hurt by the bill you’re putting together. It’s such a relief to know that only the middle and lower classes will be.   Thanks so much Senator Lamar Alexander and Senator Bob Corker.   You guys are real heroes to the super rich. I just hope you don’t have to stay in office to see the death and destruction you’ll cause.

Celebrity Sweat Causes Sea Level Rise

The Babylon Bee has the news that profusely sweating celebrities worried about being outed as perverts are responsible for rising sea levels. Read the news.

And Now Garrison Keillor Turns Out to be A Trumpian…

@Reuters – BREAKING: American radio show host Garrison Keillor fired over allegations of inappropriate behavior – Minnesota Public Radio statement.

Good grief.  Come on, dudes, keep your nasty hands and tongues and faces and private bits TO YOUR SELF.

How is that difficult to understand?????  Sickening perverts.

It Looks Like Rome Has Finally Gotten Around to Dedicating that Square in the City to Luther

Back in 2015 Rome decided to honor Luther with a square.  It looks like they’ve finally dedicated it-

Well that seems about right, given Rome’s 500 year long attitude to Martin…

Predestination and Preaching in Genevan Theology from Calvin to Pictet

Given the conclusions of recent research, that predestination was no central dogma to, and did not affect the method of reformed theology, this study investigates the question of if and how the doctrne of predestination affected the ideas and practice of preaching. The relation of predestination and covenant, congregation, atonement, faith etc. are researched in the theology and sermons of John Calvin, Theodore Beza, John Diodati, and Theodore Tronchin, Francis Turretin, and Benedict Pictet.

This study shows that in Genevan Reformed Theology from Calvin to Pictet, predestination and the external call were inseparably connected, but that the doctrine of predestination neither dominated the content nor restricted the address of the external call.

One Thing’s For Sure: When David Duke Praises You, You’re Going to Hell

Former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke praised President Trump on Wednesday for sharing videos from a far-right British politician purporting to show violence committed by Muslims.

“Trump retweets video of crippled white kid in Europe being beaten by migrants, and white people being thrown off a roof and then beaten to death,” Duke tweeted. “He’s condemned for showing us what the fake news media WON’T. Thank God for Trump! That’s why we love him!”

‘We’, for Duke, are racist vermin bound for the sinners eternal hell.  If I were Trump I would be terribly upset right now and I’d find me a Pastor and ask him or her ‘What must I do to be saved’.

If David Duke is for you, God in heaven isn’t.

Why did the Museum of the Bible’s scholars destroy ancient Egyptian artifacts?

By the tag team of Moss and Baden.  Give it a read.

Matt Lauer…

Evidently the perviness is everywhere.

Zwingli and Others on Harlots and Harlotry

Is it not a disgraceful thing to sleep with a woman and next morning hold mass? Answer: Can one not also do that if he has stayed with a harlot? If we had not conscience otherwise than that we so far forgetting God and ourselves should be inclined to such wickedness…  – H. Zwingli

I am now come to speak of adultery, which is a sin whereby the husband goeth to another woman, or the wife turneth aside after another man, to whom they make common the use of their bodies, which are not their own bodies now, but their mates in wedlock. Some there are that flatter themselves, and are of opinion, that they are not culpable of adultery, if they have the company of any unbetrothed maiden, or one that is unmarried; or if a woman play the harlot with an unwedded man: they will have it (in God’s name) to be fornication, and not adultery. But the scripture teacheth the contrary. Thou goest to another woman, thou art an adulterer: thou breakest thy faith, thou art forsworn: thy body is not thine, but thy wife’s; when therefore thou bestowest thy body on another, thou committest adultery. If thou, being wedded, dost lie with a married wife, thou doublest the sin of thine adultery. – H. Bullinger

… all know that no seed is so fertile in propagating mankind as the sacerdotal: for to such a degree has the untamed lust of almost all monks and popish priests burst forth, that he is justly deemed chastest who is satisfied with a harlot in his house. — J. Calvin

Never has a heathen, never a Turk, never a pope, never an emperor, and never any human being on earth made or enforced a law that anyone should be put to death because of marriage.  It is a new, unheard-of thing, begun by you new bishops, who are the greatest endowment robbers, harlot keepers, and whore hunters on earth in your chapters.  Nor do you do it for the sake of chastity, but all because others will not practice harlotry and unchastity, as you do, for you let them go unpunished. No one can believe that you conscientiously intend chastity with this penalty, since there are no greater enemies of chastity anywhere than you are, for you pursue it in your own bodies with all lewdness most shamefully, without letup. – M. Luther