Today With Melanchthon

28 Nov


Our Saxon friends remind us (their translation)

To improve Melanchthon’s life circumstances, but also to keep him in Wittenberg, Luther was looking for Melanchthon in 1520 a woman. This idea, however, Melanchthon was not very impressed. The young workaholic professor feared for the progress of his studies. However, it succeeded Luther that he definitively on November 27, 1520 Catherine married the daughter of a cloth merchant and mayor of Wittenberg Hans Krapp.

Although his wife was from a reputable home and Melanchthon earned as a professor at the University well, there was in the house of Melanchthon never greater prosperity. Constant visits by university members who gathered at disputing table rounds in the house of Melanchthon, young students who Melanchthon in his ” scholastic domestica ” taught as a personal mentor and provided, reduced the financial budget of the household.

Melanchthon gained through his work in Wittenberg soon such high regard that offers from other universities in Germany and Europe were presented to him. However, Johann Friedrich I. (Saxony ) wanted to keep the esteemed professor at Wittenberg, and erected on the property his booth 1536 befitting house, which is known as Melanchthon’s house in Wittenberg today. When the family moved into this house in 1537, the couple had children Anna ( born August 24, 1522 † February 27, 1547 ), Philip ( born February 21, 1525 † October 3, 1605 in Wittenberg ), Georg (* November 25, 1527 in Wittenberg, † 1529) and Magdalena (* July 19, 1531; † September 12, 1576 ). As head of the family, he devoted himself with devotion to his beloved children and caring for the children welded together, the couple Melanchthon.

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