Cthulhu To Speak At Liberty University

Liberty University has announced its next set of Convocation speakers for the coming semester, and among several prominent athletes and political figures is the ancient, brooding cosmic entity known as Cthulhu, sources confirmed Tuesday. The horror from beyond time and space will address the student body, giving his remarks on living moral lives and voting Republican, according to Liberty reps. “We’ve got a really special treat for all Liberty students: the Sleeper of R’lyeh from the unknown reaches of the stars,” Jerry Falwell Jr said in an announcement video. “It’s important to us that our students get a well-rounded experience while attending our university, and that includes hearing from varying perspectives, like various conservative politicians as well as the Great Dreamer from the blackest depths of the sea.”

“Iä! Iä! Cthulhu fhtagn! Iä! Iä! Cthulhu fhtagn!” he added, his eyes glazing over in a trancelike stare.

According to Falwell, an expedition was sent to the murky waters of the South Pacific to extend an invitation to Cthulhu, who was taking a nap in his house at R’lyeh at the time, waking up to warmly accept the invitation to speak at the school. Liberty University personnel claim rumors that Cthulhu will devour all of humanity after the event are unfounded.

A Very Timely Reminder that Not All Social Conservatives are Blathering Hypocrites

Politico writes

… when we look not at states but at counties in the United States, we see that counties that lean Republican across the country as a whole have more marriage, less nonmarital childbearing, and more family stability than counties that lean Democratic. In fact, an Institute for Family Studies report I authored found, “teens in red counties are more likely to be living with their biological parents, compared to children living in bluer counties.” So, even at the community level, the story about marriage and family instability looks a lot different depending on whether or not one is looking at state or county trends. At the county level, then, the argument that Red America is doing worse than Blue America isn’t true.

Finally, when we turn to the individual level, the conservatives-are-family-values-hypocrites thesis really falls apart. Republicans are more likely to be married, and happily married, than independents and Democrats, as Nicholas Wolfinger and I recently showed in a research brief for the Institute for Family Studies. They are also less likely to cheat on their spouses and less likely to be divorced, compared with independents and Democrats. So, Donald Trump is the exception, not the norm, for Republicans. …

What’s also fascinating about looking at the individual data is that it suggests that the relatively fragile state of families in the Republican South does not apply as much to individual Republicans in the South. Indeed, in both the North and the South, Republican parents are at least 9 percentage points more likely to be in their first marriage, compared with Democrats and independents. The figure also reveals how the ecological fallacy works: Just because the Republican South has more family fragility does not mean that Republican families are fragile. In fact, Republican parents in the South are more likely to be in their first marriage than Democratic and independent parents in the North.

In other words, even though Southerners in general are at greater risk of family instability than Northerners, Republicans in the South enjoy markedly higher levels of family instability than their fellow citizens—a family stability advantage that puts them above Democrats and independents in the North. Another way to put this: It’s blue and purple Americans in the South who are really pulling down family stability in the South, not red Americans.

Read the whole essay.  It’s worth your time.  And it’s a great reminder that some conservatives, many in fact, live out their values.

It’s Time to Get a Devotional Guide In Time for the New Year

Zwingli and Bullinger have a recommendation for you:

ZwingliBullingerDevotionalBook2We love this book. Love it. LOVE IT. Never in the history of Christianity has a book so profound been made available to the masses for a price so reasonable. Reading it is a theological education in a single volume which contains everything necessary for both salvation and proper doctrine.

Were we more excited about it we would resemble tiny puppies laying on their backs getting their bellies rubbed and wetting themselves. That’s how excited we are about this book. – H.B., H.Z.

Wow. I’m super humbled and super honored. First a video recommendation a few months back and now this (again). I just don’t know what to say.

The book is available from the publisher via print on demand, here

Christian Art is Weird

What is that guy doing with his hand… on that other guy’s backside…???  And why does Peter (the guy with the key to the kingdom) have such a creepy expression on his face?  And why is the angel red?  And why can’t people wear clothes to go to heaven?  Come on Christian artists of the Medieval period, stop being so darn weird.

Does He Even Own a Bible?

Has he ever read it?  Ever studied the Prophets of the Hebrew Bible?  Ever familiarized himself with the meaning of the Hebrew word underlying the English ‘prophet’?  Or does he just prefer to mash Buddhism into his ‘Christianity’?  And has he ever read the Gospels?  Or does he just abstract them until they become what he wishes them to be?

Why is an eisegete the best known Catholic in America?

Today With Melanchthon


Our Saxon friends remind us (their translation)

To improve Melanchthon’s life circumstances, but also to keep him in Wittenberg, Luther was looking for Melanchthon in 1520 a woman. This idea, however, Melanchthon was not very impressed. The young workaholic professor feared for the progress of his studies. However, it succeeded Luther that he definitively on November 27, 1520 Catherine married the daughter of a cloth merchant and mayor of Wittenberg Hans Krapp.

Although his wife was from a reputable home and Melanchthon earned as a professor at the University well, there was in the house of Melanchthon never greater prosperity. Constant visits by university members who gathered at disputing table rounds in the house of Melanchthon, young students who Melanchthon in his ” scholastic domestica ” taught as a personal mentor and provided, reduced the financial budget of the household.

Melanchthon gained through his work in Wittenberg soon such high regard that offers from other universities in Germany and Europe were presented to him. However, Johann Friedrich I. (Saxony ) wanted to keep the esteemed professor at Wittenberg, and erected on the property his booth 1536 befitting house, which is known as Melanchthon’s house in Wittenberg today. When the family moved into this house in 1537, the couple had children Anna ( born August 24, 1522 † February 27, 1547 ), Philip ( born February 21, 1525 † October 3, 1605 in Wittenberg ), Georg (* November 25, 1527 in Wittenberg, † 1529) and Magdalena (* July 19, 1531; † September 12, 1576 ). As head of the family, he devoted himself with devotion to his beloved children and caring for the children welded together, the couple Melanchthon.