Caspar Cruciger

crucigerOne of Martin and Katie Luther’s dearest friends, Caspar Cruciger, died November 16, 1548, at the age of 44.

Cruciger’s first encounter with Luther was when he attended the debate between Luther and Johann Eck in Cruciger’s home town of Leipzig. After attending the University at Wittenberg, he became a professor there in 1528.

In 1524, Cruciger married former nun Elisabeth von Meseritz who soon became one of Katie’s closest friends. When Elisabeth died in 1535, at the age of 35, he married Leipzig noblewoman Apollonia Gunterode.

Cruciger was instrumental in bringing the Reformation to Leipzig but his greatest work was in Wittenberg where he became part of Luther’s “high council” put together to help Luther with his revision of his translation of the Bible into German.

After Luther’s death, Cruciger was able to aid his friends one more time when the Elector appointed him and Philipp Melanchthon to be the guardians for Martin and Katie’s children.

The portrait of Caspar Cruciger is by Lucas Crancach the Younger from 1558.

-Rebecca DeGarmeaux for Katie Luther on FB.

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