The One Righteous Republican in Alabama

Refreshing to know… given the dark days in which we live. It means there’s hope for Alabama.

Peculiar Prophet

I want to give public testimony to counter all of you who believe that all Republican politicians in Alabama are sexual predators.  True, ex-Governor Bentley was recently hounded from office because of his sexual misconduct and misappropriation of state funds to finance his illicit affair.  Now comes Roy Moore.  I always heard rumors that Moore was a scoundrel.  His blatant disregard for the Constitution got him removed as a judge not once, but twice.  Now we discover that Moore is even worse than we thought.

I remember, when Moore was garnering publicity in his campaign to put the Ten Commandments in all courtrooms in Alabama, a Methodist layman said, “Roy needs to check out the Seventh Commandment before he gets ‘em posted everywhere.  He could be vulnerable on that one.”

Alabama State Auditor Jim Ziegler defends Moore by dismissing his sexual conduct as typical of any single, thirty-year-old male in…

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1 thought on “The One Righteous Republican in Alabama

  1. Milton Almeida - The Grace Ambassador
    “There is an unseated conceit among some evangelicals that God is only at work when a Republican is elected, even a Republican who does not share their view of Jesus, or practice what he taught. It is the ultimate compromise, which leads to the corruption and dilution of a message more powerful than what government and politics offer.”

    Ignoring his barging into Church History, the History of the Reformation (at least he know Luther didn’t nail anything) and Bible quotes, this is a pertinent and related article to yours in my view, Dr.
    (Carl Thomas professes to be a Presbyterian – He is a journalist and political pundit)


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