Speaking of the Synod of Dort…

bogermanThe Synod was opened and closed with great solemnity, and held one hundred and fifty-four formal sessions, besides a larger number of conferences.  The expenses were borne by the States-General on a very liberal scale, and exceeded 100, 000 guilders.  The sessions were public, and crowded by spectators. John Bogerman, pastor at Leuwarden, was elected President; Festus Hommius, pastor in Leyden, first Secretary—both strict Calvinists. The former had translated Beza’s tract on the punishment of heretics into Dutch; the latter prepared a new Latin version of the Belgic Confession. The whole Dutch delegation was orthodox. Only three delegates from the provincial Synod of Utrecht were Remonstrants, but these had to yield their seats to the three orthodox members elected by the minority in that province. Gomarus represented supralapsarian Calvinism, but the great majority were infralapsarians or sublapsarians.  Thus the fate of the Arminians was decided beforehand.*

As it should have been.  You can read a great deal of first hand material as mentioned here.

*The Creeds of Christendom, with a History and Critical Notes: The History of Creeds (Vol. 1, p. 513).

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