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Friends of Satan…

‪No one is harming the cause of the Gospel more than so called Christians who support Roy Moore. These people are, make no mistake, Satan’s greatest allies. And they will answer for it.‬

Signs of the Times

Sadly there are none among the politicians-

An Alabaman Eviscerates Alabama’s Hypocrisy About Roy Moore

Take it off, Alabama. Take it aaaaall off. You’re naked as the day you were born, naked as porn, clothed in the manner of the emperor.

In nothing but audacity and deceit. And hypocrisy.

Buck naked. Or as they say down in Sipsey, butt nekkid.

You’ve shown the world the stuff you used to have enough decency to conceal. You’ve shown even to yourself that what you say is a lie and what you believe is as flexible as the moment demands.

You’re a poser, Alabama. And the Bible Belt is down around your knees. You stamp yourself with the label of God and good and morality, and it means nothing to you.

Not more than politics. Or ideology. Or your own lack of shame.

Read the whole, angry, righteously indignant hit piece on the hypocrites of Alabama.


And so is all of Alabama. And all who base their morality on party, and persuasion, and political convenience.

We like to think we are clothed in the finery of God. But everybody knows the truth.

We stand naked before the world, the Bible Belt around our ankles and our sizable hypocrisy on display for all to see.

My Present Mood Is…

“The Triumph of Death” is by Pieter Bruegel the Elder-

White ‘Evangelicals’ Have Now Lost the Right to Call Themselves Christians

Signs of the Times: The Racist Priest and his Blessing of the Racists

This is unspeakably evil- this priest needs to be defrocked.

A Digital Archive of the Earliest Illustrated Editions of Dante’s Divine Comedy (1487-1568)

Right here.

The Luther Birthday Weekend Sale is Almost Over


From now till midnight on Sunday the 12th of November you can purchase the entire Commentary for $99.  Yup.  You read that right.  For the next 3 days you can acquire the entire Commentary in PDF format for less than half price.  How?  Just by clicking my PayPal Link.  It’s that simple.  It really is an exceptionally useful work for the layfolk in your life (even if it isn’t aimed at academics).  Here’s what a normal person thinks:


This commentary set is written and designed exactly for the average person. The person who hasn’t spent years in book learning and writing papers. Rather, it’s for a person who feels a yearning to know a bit more so they can grow spiritually and intellectually in the faith. The average person might not know where to start on the journey. This set does it beautifully. – Doug Iverson


Theology at the University of Nottingham

They’ve got loads of videos on the subject here.

Zwingli as a Youngster

There’s a new novel out and the subject is Zwingli as a young man.

Wildhaus im Jahre 1484, ein lebhaftes Dörfchen am Passübergang zum Rheintal. Reisende aller Art kommen hier vorbei: Pilger, Händler, Reisläufer. Für den zehnjährigen Ueli gibt es nichts Spannenderes, als mit seinem Freund Melk die sonderbaren Gäste in der Taverne zu belauschen. Eines Tages humpelt ein Bote mit einem Holzbein durch das Dorf und überreicht Vater Zwingli eine geheimnisvolle Schriftrolle. Noch weiss Ueli nicht, was das zu bedeuten hat, doch ahnt er nichts Gutes. Selbst während der Sommermonate auf der Alp geht ihm der hinkende Bote nicht aus dem Kopf. Als Ueli im Wildmannlisloch noch den Einsiedler Johannes kennenlernt, der ihn mit Rätselreden und Kräutermedizin in seinen Bann zieht, gerät sein Leben vollends aus den Fugen. Kurz darauf muss der Zehnjährige das Dorf verlassen. Er wird Student in Basel. Die Wege von Melk und Ueli trennen sich. Erst Jahre später gibt es ein Wiedersehen: bei der Schlacht von Marignano. Das blutige Gemetzel lässt in Uelis Leben nichts wie es einmal war. Er fühlt sich schuldig und heimatlos, bis er in Zürich Anna kennenlernt. Alles scheint gut zu werden. Doch dann kommt die Pest …