Tomorrow is the Birth Anniversary of the 5th Most Important Reformer

  1. Zwingli is the most important because he was the smartest and best thinker.
  2. Calvin is the second most important because he was good but not as good as Zwingli.
  3. Hus is the third most important because he’s the only East European.
  4. Wycliffe is the fourth most important because he was ok, but not really great.
  5. Luther is the fifth most important because he didn’t really reform anything that was papist.  He didn’t.  Really.  The mass was still the mass and confession was still confession and Mary-olotry was still Mary-olotry and the only thing he changed was the allegiance of Germany away from Rome.  He was a German Henry VIII.  That’s all.

But he’s cool so tomorrow I’ll wish him a happy birthday anyway.  Even though he’s bland as Barth but not as wicked (because he never went to the mountains with his secretary [and Barth’s followers HATE it when you remind them of that.  They HATE it and even write you emails telling you not to do it because they’re concerned for your well being…]).