Total Depravity: They Starved their Child to Death, As Punishment

Authorities who charged an Illinois couple with murder say their 6-year-old son died last week of malnutrition because they allegedly withheld food to punish him, PEOPLE confirms.

The boy weighed just 17 lbs. at the time of his death, according to documents from the Jersey County, Illinois, State’s Attorney obtained by PEOPLE.

Police in Jerseyville, Illinois, said in a statement that they were called to the Jerseyville Community Hospital on Friday after the boy died.

Investigators determined that the child — who lived with three other siblings and two step-siblings — and a 7-year-old were both allegedly “deprived of food by their father and stepmother as a form of punishment,” a police statement said.

Charged in the case are Michael Roberts, the father, and stepmother Georgena Roberts, both 42, according to documents from the Jersey County State’s Attorney.

Hell was made for such people as these.