Solving The Gun Crisis Whilst Maintaining the Freedom of People to Own Guns

  • All guns must be licensed just like cars.
  • All gun owners must be insured, just like drivers.  If you own a gun, you carry insurance to protect anyone injured by it.
  • Guns may not be sold to anyone with a record.
  • Guns may not be sold to persons under psychiatric care.
  • Semi-Automatic weapons should be banned.  They serve no purpose but mass murder.
  • Gun shows should be shut down and private gun sales made illegal.  When charged and convicted, any gun owner who sells privately forfeits all weapons and may not purchase any again, for life.
  • Make the national gun registry a real thing instead of a joke like it presently is.

NO sensible person can argue convincingly or intelligently against ANY of these points.  Congress and the White House alone are afraid to do the right thing.