Time To Start Carrying: Mass Murder at Sutherland Springs Baptist Church

At least 20 dead, 30 injured in Texas church shooting.

A sheriff says that a man walked into the church and started firing. Authorities say the attacker is dead.

The number of fatalities or injuries hasn’t been confirmed by authorities, but a Wilson County commissioner, Albert Gamez, has told cable news outlets that he was told it was more than 20 killed and 20 wounded, though those figures aren’t confirmed.

I think I’ll buy a gun.  The BBC reports a higher casualty rate minutes ago-

At least 27 dead in Texas church shooting, provides updates on events in Sutherland Springs

From the twitter- Sutherland Springs, Texas: Population: 400. First Baptist Church: Average of 50 per service.

That means that essentially an entire church congregation was shot.  The gunman opened fire at around 11:30, right in the middle of the service.

2 thoughts on “Time To Start Carrying: Mass Murder at Sutherland Springs Baptist Church

  1. John Roth 5 Nov 2017 at 5:47 pm Reply

    Not a good idea unless you intend to learn how to shoot and take some kind of combat training so you maintain situational awareness. The last set of stats I saw was that if you are carrying, you’re four times as likely to be killed or injured during an armed robbery or other situation than if you aren’t. If the other guy has the initiative, you’re likely to be toast.


    • Jim 5 Nov 2017 at 5:48 pm Reply

      i was an expert marksman in the army for 3 years and an MP. i know how to shoot and i know how to shoot a lot of different weapons. to this point i have chosen to abstain from gun ownership. but i’m close.


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