The Liberty University Swear Jar

The official swear jar sitting on the podium at Liberty University was overflowing shortly after former White House official Anthony Scaramucci began his convocation address, sources at the event confirmed Wednesday.

“Faith is a real big [expletive] deal to me, ya know?” Scaramucci said moments after leading Liberty students in prayer, absentmindedly stuffing a $20 in the swear jar. “Faith, God, all that [expletive]. All a big [expletive] deal, ya know what I’m [expletive] sayin’?”

Scaramucci also took a few minutes to thank his “[expletive] homeboy Jerry Falwell Jr” for letting him come “shoot the [expletive] with all you [expletive] today.”

At publishing time, Scaramucci had run out of cash and credit cards, forcing him to ask university officials if he could open up a tab for his swearing fees.

Author: Jim

I am a Pastor, and Lecturer in Church History and Biblical Studies at Ming Hua Theological College.

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