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And Now You Know Why I Keep Saying that the Word ‘Evangelical’ is Meaningless

Anyone who uses the word ‘evangelical’ and ‘drug trafficker’ in combination doesn’t know what ‘Evangelical’ means and because the word can be used with such ease in such a ridiculously inappropriate way (Evangelicals in the original sense of the word would not traffic drugs for any reason) proves yet again that the word has now been completely emptied of meaning.  Stop using it.

Written by Jim

3 Nov 2017 at 3:03 pm

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  1. In Brazil, my country of birth (I’ve been cured though…) there is “evangelical night clubs”, “evangelical forró – equivalent to folk dance parties”, “evangelical rock concerts” and even “evangelical churches”, imagine that. Now… evangelical drug pushers. I’d bet they tie to some… you guessed… evangelical church!


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