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Stuhlmacher’s Theology- Finally Available in English

Stuhlmacher’s theology of the New Testament has been out in German for a long time but it has never appeared in English.  Until now.  And Eerdmans will have it in about 10 months, so pre-order it and save up.  It is one of the most BRILLIANT theology’s of the New Testament written since Bultmann’s, if not the very best.

Since its original publication in German, Peter Stuhlmacher’s two-volume Biblische Theologie des Neuen Testaments has influenced an entire generation of biblical scholars and theologians. Now Daniel Bailey’s expert translation makes this important work of New Testament theology available in English for the first time.

Following an extended discussion of the task of writing a New Testament theology, Stuhlmacher explores the development of the Christian message across the pages of the Gospels, the writings of Paul, and the other canonical books of the New Testament. The second part of the book examines the biblical canon and its historical significance. A concluding essay by Bailey applies Stuhlmacher’s approach to specific texts in Romans and 4 Maccabees.

I have been awaiting this announcement for many years.  And I’m glad I can finally pass along this news.  Seriously, get this volume.

On the Elite and Their Devilish Quest for Popularity

Remember back in the day when it was enough for a scholar to be a scholar and make her or his mark on the world through their scholarship?  Those days have been replaced by our own wherein many scholars care more about popularity and publicity than they do scholarship and knowledge.  And it’s damaging both society and academy.

Give this very relevant essay a read.  Pay attention to it, because it applies to academics as much as it does to any other circle of elites.

Atheist Missionaries Bring Nihilism to Overjoyed Remote Tribes

PAPUA NEW GUINEA—After months of slow, arduous language work and the full translation of The God Delusion into their native tongue, an atheist missionary enjoyed the fruits of his labor as the entire tribe he was working with erupted in ritualistic rejoicing after coming to believe life has no objective meaning whatsoever.

In a special teaching session held in the village square, the missionary delivered an impassioned speech arguing that God does not exist and that we are all just stardust with no ultimate meaning or purpose.

“I see that you are a religious people,” he said, gesturing to their tribal relics and decorations throughout the village. “Well, I’m here today to replace your belief in angry deities you have to appease with sacrifice and good works with the good news that your lives are absolutely worthless.”

“Seriously, none of this matters. We’re all just highly evolved primates dancing to our DNA, so do whatever. I don’t care,” he added at the conclusion of the message.

After a few moments of tense silence, the tribesmen began to jump up and down in a joyous dance, shouting, “EE-TAOW!! EE-TAOW!!”, an expression of joy and wonder in their language. Tribal elders outfitted themselves in sacred garb and face paint as the dancing went on for hours, and the atheist missionary was lifted up on the tribesmen’s shoulders in a celebration of their newfound hope that everything they’ve ever known is simply the result of cold, uncaring chance.

At publishing time, the tribal people were fashioning fedoras out of fronds and posting obnoxious atheist memes on Facebook.

The Liberty University Swear Jar

The official swear jar sitting on the podium at Liberty University was overflowing shortly after former White House official Anthony Scaramucci began his convocation address, sources at the event confirmed Wednesday.

“Faith is a real big [expletive] deal to me, ya know?” Scaramucci said moments after leading Liberty students in prayer, absentmindedly stuffing a $20 in the swear jar. “Faith, God, all that [expletive]. All a big [expletive] deal, ya know what I’m [expletive] sayin’?”

Scaramucci also took a few minutes to thank his “[expletive] homeboy Jerry Falwell Jr” for letting him come “shoot the [expletive] with all you [expletive] today.”

At publishing time, Scaramucci had run out of cash and credit cards, forcing him to ask university officials if he could open up a tab for his swearing fees.

Assessing NT students on translations of NT texts is a waste of time

Fairly said.  I would add that the only assessment of actual ability to translate that works as true assessment is a ‘blind’ translation of a non-biblical text that the student has never seen before. Then you know if they’re actually translating or just repeating from memory the scripture they know pretty well.

The Patrologist

Asking New Testament students to provide a translation of a known (chapter/verse) NT text in an exam or exegetical paper is a waste of time. It tests nothing and it discriminates nothing.

Every student ought to be getting 90-100% on this part of an assessment anyway, because either:

  • they are smart enough to check any translation they do with several English versions and realise their errors beforehand
  • they are smart and a little unscrupulous and are just going to vary an existing English version anyway.
  • if it’s an exam situation, and it’s a set text, then all we are testing is their preparation, not their ability to read Greek.

Why are we even asking them to do translations anyway? They are unlikely to create a translation that is genuinely better or meaningfully different from the hyper-abundance of English versions already in existence. And, assuming that this is a paper and…

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And Now You Know Why I Keep Saying that the Word ‘Evangelical’ is Meaningless

Anyone who uses the word ‘evangelical’ and ‘drug trafficker’ in combination doesn’t know what ‘Evangelical’ means and because the word can be used with such ease in such a ridiculously inappropriate way (Evangelicals in the original sense of the word would not traffic drugs for any reason) proves yet again that the word has now been completely emptied of meaning.  Stop using it.

A 9 Year Old Wrote the GOP Tax Plan

According to a news source more reliable than Fox News- The Babylon Bee

When you were nine years old, you might have been catching Pokemon or collecting POGs.

That’s not the case for Robby Jennings. Jennings, a third-grader at Hamilton Elementary, was called up to the big leagues this week, as the GOP asked him to draw up their new tax reform plan.

“I tried to make the taxes real fair and real good for everyone,” Jennings said. “I cut some of the taxes but left some of the others. I moved some things around. It is real different now but not too different, just sorta like, medium different, I guess.”

Jennings drew the tax plan up on a big piece of construction paper with a set of Crayola crayons right next to a doodle of what appeared to be King Koopa flying a spaceship into a giant bowl of spaghetti, and turned the detailed set of ideas on how to improve the nation’s tax code in to House Speaker Paul Ryan.

“We really couldn’t have done it without Robby’s great ideas. Thanks, Rob!” Ryan said in a statement.

I Am Extremely Unimpressed

This volume… which seems so promising… is an absolute disappointment.  And that’s before even opening it and merely reading the table of contents.

How on earth can you have a volume on the Reformation which includes primary sources and completely ignores Zwingli? That’s like having a volume on math and leaving out a discussion of addition.  It is literally incomprehensible, inexcusable, and unforgivable.

Kauffmann on Luther on the Radio

Via V&R

Martin Luther und die Reformation – Thomas Kaufmann im Gespräch im StadtRadio Göttingen!

Anlässlich des Reformationsjubiläums stellte sich der Göttinger Kirchenhistoriker und Vorsitzende des Vereins für Reformationsgeschichte Prof. Dr. Thomas Kaufmann den Fragen von Ingeborg Lüdtke rund um Luther und die Reformation.

Das Interview mit Thomas Kaufmann wird sowohl am Samstag, den 04.11.2017, 11.00 bis 12.00 Uhr, als auch am Mittwoch, den 08.11.2017, 11.00 bis 12.00 Uhr, im StadtRadio Göttingen ausgestrahlt.

Die Sendung ist zu empfangen über:
StadtRadio Göttingen – Frequenzen
Frequenz 107.1 UKW.
Im Kabelnetz zu empfangen auf 95,35 UKW.
Oder im StadtRadio Göttingen-Livestream.

The Funniest and Most Biting Luther Statue Ever Yet Created

Via the book of face-

Die Giordano-Bruno-Stiftung präsentiert vor dem Volkshaus nackte Fakten. Auch im Volkshaus werden im Rahmen des Denkfestes Luthers dunkle Seiten ans Licht geholt: Im Vortrag von Reinhold Schlotz, dem Mitherausgeber von Luthers judenfeindlichen Schriften in heutigem Deutsch und der von ihm kuratierten Wanderausstellung «Von Golgatha nach Auschwitz».

#Denkfest #Luther #Judenfeindlichkeit#ReinholdSchlotz @gbs.org

Grace Davie’s Cadbury Lectures

Professor Grace Davie has published an essay based on her 2016 Cadbury Lectures, ‘Religion in Public Life: Levelling the Ground’.

In the report Professor Grace Davie, a sociologist of religion at the University of Exeter, explores the ‘return’ of religion to public life, analysing a series of ‘levels’ – local, metropolitan, national, and global – and considering why and how we have got here, and what the future holds for religion in Britain.

The report is published by Theos, a Christian think-tank focusing on the relationship between religion, politics and society in the contemporary world.


If You’re in Zurich Today

You’ll want to go to this:

Bullingerwurst «Unservater – ein jüdisches Gebet»

Preaching Kills…

When Nicholas Hausmann preached for the first time [in Freiburg after having just arrived there to assume the pastorate of that Church] he was so confused and exhausted that he died the same day of apoplexy.


Signs of the Times